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No, Trump Did Not Honor His Campaign Promise And Pull Out Of Syria, He Gave It As A Christmas Present To The Anatolian Tyrant And His Personal Best Friend Erdogan

President Erdogan of Turkey is a tyrant who wants to revive the Ottoman Empire, but he must genuinely feel that Allah is blessing him following the events of this year because President Trump, along with his allies in the Germanic nations, in spite of his rhetoric to “make America great again,” has continued the post-World […]

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Chinese Government Orders Police Officers To Meet Quota Arresting Christians Or Be Fired

China’s persecution of Christians continues and is intensifying even more as it is being reported that police are being given a quota of Christians to arrest and if they fail or refuse to, they could lose their jobs: China’s Communist government has been threatening to fire police officers who fail to meet a quota for […]

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Major American Eugenicist Group Reports That US Birthrates Continue To Decline To The Lowest Rates Yet

The American Enterprise Institute is a major eugenics group funded by billionaires such as Richard Mellon Scaife and is tied to the backing of the MEK terrorist group that wants to overthrow Iran. The group recently released a report saying that US birthrates have plummeted and continue to fall: New research reveals that fertility rates […]

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Trial Of Major Drug Lord Confirms Secrets About Drug Cartels, Exposes Secret Friendships Between Cartels In Spite Of Public Rivalry

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is one of the most infamous figures in the Sinaloa cartel, who has made himself a billionaire off of selling drugs and the blood of countless innocent people throughout Mexico, Central America, and the US. Justice finally caught up with him, and he was extradited to the US where he is […]

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