No, Trump Did Not Honor His Campaign Promise And Pull Out Of Syria, He Gave It As A Christmas Present To The Anatolian Tyrant And His Personal Best Friend Erdogan

President Erdogan of Turkey is a tyrant who wants to revive the Ottoman Empire, but he must genuinely feel that Allah is blessing him following the events of this year because President Trump, along with his allies in the Germanic nations, in spite of his rhetoric to “make America great again,” has continued the post-World War II policy of rebuilding Turkey and, to paraphrase his campaign promise, “making the Ottoman Empire a world power again.”

There are many examples of this one can cite throughout the year. In June 2018, Austrian PM Sebastian Kurz and with the obvious permission of the US, for Turkey to begin occupying territory in norther Iraq and Syria. In August 2018, Trump imposed economic sanctions on the Turkish government, giving Erdogan a reason to consolidate long-desired plans for economic integration with Germany as part of her attempt to mimic the German manufacture-and-export model which Germany taught her. In December 2018, following the release of “Pastor Brunson,” which was another excuse to justify US-Turkish collaboration, the same “Pastor” came out in support of killing Erdogan’s personal opponents and said that Erdogan was send by God to “bless Turkey”.

It is but a few days before Christmas, and President Trump has given Erdogan his greatest present yet- a Christmas gift for all purposes -by calling on the US withdrawal of troops from Syria, giving the impression he is following through on his campaign promises but in reality is creating a power vacuum which Turkey can conveniently fill in the name of “border security”:

Capping off what has been a tumultuous week for the Trump administration are reports from multiple outlets that offer some clues as to why President Donald Trump made his decision to pull US troops out of Syria that prompted Defense Secretary James Mattis to resign.

That development materialized last Friday during a call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, after Erdogan asked Trump why there were still 2,000 US troops in Syria if the Islamic State had been defeated.

“You know what? It’s yours,” Trump said, according to The Washington Post. “I’m leaving.

The Associated Press reported that members of Trump’s national-security team, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Mattis, wrote out talking points to dissuade Turkey from bringing troops into northern Syria and attacking Turkish Kurds, which would put US forces at risk. The US is allied with the Turkish Kurds in Syria, providing them with supplies and training in the fight against the Islamic State.

But both The Post and the AP explain that Trump went rogue.

“The talking points were very firm,” one official told the Associated Press. “Everybody said push back and try to offer (Turkey) something that’s a small win, possibly holding territory on the border, something like that.”

John Bolton, Trump’s national security adviser, also allegedly explained on the call that a victory against the Islamic State would need to mean more than just a loss of territory.

Trump, however, sided with Erdogan, and the AP reported that even Erdogan cautioned Trump on pulling troops out too hastily.

Attempts by his national-security team to change course were not successful, and on Wednesday, Trump tweeted out a video where he said that he was withdrawing troops from Syria — catching lawmakers off guard. On Thursday, it was reported that Trump is also cutting down the number of troops in Afghanistan by half.

Mattis, having failed to talk Trump out of leaving Syria, submitted a scathing resignation letter on Thursday, rebuking Trump’s “America first” foreign policy and stressing the importance of maintaining alliances.

Lawmakers — including some Republicans that have previously backed Trump— have warned that pulling out of Syria would be a boon for US adversaries. They also expressed dismay at leaving the Kurds, who will likely face an invasion by Turkey.

“If you decide to follow through with your decision to pull our troops out of Syria, any remnants of ISIS in Syria will surely renew and embolden their efforts in the region,” a letter from four Republican senators explained.

“The withdrawal of American presence from Syria also bolsters two other adversaries to the United States, Iran and Russia,” they continued. “As you are aware, both Iran and Russia have used the Syrian conflict as a stage to magnify their influence in the region. Any sign of weakness perceived by Iran or Russia will only result in their increased presence in the region and a decrease in the trust of our partners and allies.”

Trump’s campaign platform included ending wars overseas — which he sees as expensive — and on making NATO pay more in defense spending. (source, source)

There was no debate in Trump’s cabinet that took place over whether or not Turkey should be given more control in Syria, and if there was debate the question would have been how to go about giving it to him.

According to one article, the US directly controls (not through a US ally, such as ISIS) territory in Syria that is the size of the nation of Croatia, or about 30% of the nation with most of it in the eastern region.

Nations do not invade another nation with the intention of leaving it, and when they do it is either because there are reasons that force a withdrawal, or because of a greater plan. The US has no reason, economically or militarily speaking, to withdraw from Syria, especially in light of the fact that she has continually occupied Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan for many years and with no forseeable end in sight.

Many will be deceived by Trump’s actions in Syria, and say this is a “fulfillment” of his campaign promises, but this is also the same President who famously said that the US needed to attack Syria, with the full encouragement of Israel, because “beautiful babies” were being slaughtered:

This comes as Turkey has planned to invade Syria with US help for years, that Israel has demanded the US attack Syria on their behalf, that there is the legitimate possibility the US attacked Syria with white phosphorous and then attempted to blame the attack on the Russians to instigate conflict, and Middle Eastern Christians in Syria are saying that Russia is protecting them while the US is allowing for them to be attacked.

The US could stay in Syria if she wanted to, but she does not need to because based on past evidence, it was suggested that the US destabilized Syria in order to first precipitate a refugee crisis in Europe, which was meant to revive nationalism in order to justify increased militarism, and in the case of Turkey’s imperial aspirations, so that eventually control of the region would be turned over to Turkey as part of her revival of the Ottoman Empire.

There is no such thing as a power vacuum in the Middle East, for when one conqueror leaves another takes his place, be it foreign or regional. Trump’s withdrawal from Syria is his Christmas gift to Turkey to continue her territorial expansions with the direct permission of the US.

You are witnessing the steps to the revival of the Ottoman Empire, and Trump is playing a critical role in it. Whether or not he was the author of this plan is irrelevant because he is the one signing the orders to allow for Turkish expansionism. 

To compare, many of such plans for war and militarism, including a Third World War, were intended during the 1950s and 1960s. However, it was the actions of President Kennedy who, through his refusal to pursue a militant approach to the Cuban Missile Crisis, his outright rejection of Operation Northwoods, and his insistence on auditing the Federal Reserve Bank and dismantling the power of Executive Branch bureaucracies and military-industrial complex eventually culminated in his assassination. Were it not for President Kennedy, it is very likely the US would have already been involved in a major foreign war far worse than Vietnam, and his actions were a serious setback to the advancement of the US-German-Israeli war lobby.

Trump has been given a fair chance many times to show himself and his character, just as Obama was given a fair chance many times. Trump has shown himself to be an expert in the reality television he has so long been associated with, able to deceive the public with a false impression of who he is and what his intentions are, to promise greatness but then deliver only for himself and at the expense of those who supported him, and to be a willing prostitute for the people and families in industry and finance who are driving the nation to war.

Obama’s deceptions were open and obvious for all to see, and while they were not good, they could be clearly identified and dealt with. Trump’s deceptions appear either as beneficial or are dismissed as the actions of another by him, and so it is slightly more difficult to clearly identify but is able to obscure his intentions enough for the general public to be deceived until it is too late.

In the past, the American firearms company and military contractor Colt received many awards from the Ottoman Empire for selling weapons to her beginning in the 1850s and up through the end of the Empire in the 1920s. Many of these weapons were not used for the “defense” of Turkey, but to slaughter Christians and other innocent people in the name of nationalism, militarism, and Islam. Thus the many honors received by Colt, which one can see in the Wadsworth Atheneum (third floor, on the way to the American art exhibit past the elevator) were received as prizes paid for by the blood of the millions who died in the massacres leading up to 1915, such as the Hamidian Massacres, and finally the Genocide of 1915.

History is repeating itself again, except this time it is physical land that the US is giving to Turkey. It would not be a surprise, and must be assumed to be but a matter of time, before the US and her allies will naturally extend more “weapons contracts” to Turkey so she can indulge her genocidal fantasies of her Ottoman past in the current day.