Yellow Vesters In France Brutally Beat Up A Journalist, They Surround Another Journalist And Say: ‘We Are Going To Pull You Out Of Your Car And Rape You!’

By Theodore Shoebat

Yellow Vesters in France brutally beat up a journalist. They also surrounded a female journalist while she is in her car and told her that they will pull her out of her car and rape her. The mobs support this behavior. Welcome to the Euro Spring:

According to one report from the Local France:

The weekend’s ‘yellow vest’ protests saw more violent attacks and abuse targeting French journalists and some even blocked newspapers from being distributed. Here Gilets Jaunes tell The Local exactly why they detest and distrust the media in France.
Saturday’s yellow vest protests across France were for the most part similar to previous weekends.
Thousands marched in cities across France chanting for President Emmanuel Macron to resign, there were clashes with police, albeit less serious ones than in the run-up to Christmas, and there were more reports of French journalists being abused and physically attacked.
The video below shows reporters from LCI television and their bodyguards, who are now employed to protect many journalists covering the marches, being kicked and punched in the northern city of Rouen. It is not clear what sparked the attack.
The editor of the local newspaper in the south-west La Depeche du Midi reported that a female journalist was surrounded in her car by gilets jaunes. They threatened to pull her out of the car and rape her before other yellow vests stepped in to help.

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