Archive | February 9, 2019

sakha republic

BP Moves To Begin Drilling For Oil In The Sakha Republic In Siberia

The Sakha Republic of Siberia is inhabited by the Yakut people and is a land said to have great untapped reserves of oil, gas, and many other treasures. According to a recent report, British Petroleum is going to begin drilling for oil in the region as part of a joint project with Rosneft, the Russian […]

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burkina faso

Islamic Terrorist Attacks Slaughter Fourteen People In Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a tiny nation in West Africa that has seen an upturn in Islamic violence, where fourteen people were killed by Islamic terrorists recently: A summit of five nations that have joined forces to fight jihadism in the Sahel got under way on Tuesday, a day after another terror attack in the region […]

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Democrats Choose To Omit God From Oath Before Congress

It is a known fact while both parties are involved in the same degeneracy, the Democrats are more open and obvious in their displays of it. This was shown recently by a Democratic congresswoman who chose to omit “God when administering the oat to witnesses before Congress according to a report: A Democratic congresswoman from […]

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