Archive | February 17, 2019

Violent Hindus

Christian Persecution Increasing In India’s Most Populous State

The northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is the most populated state in India and is central to Indian affairs. In a reflection of the times in India, Hindu terrorists have been harassing Christians and Christians have reported higher levels of persecution than before according to a report: Christians living in India’s Uttar Pradesh state […]

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Islamic Terrorists Murder Spanish Catholic Priest And Missionary In Burkina Faso

Violence in Burkina Faso is a trend that I noted is likely tied to oil and economic-oriented military operations, and is likely to see an increase in the future. With such an increase means much more Christian persecution, as Islamic terrorists are the preferred method of the western world to use “stay-behind” type operations as […]

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trump and flag 01

Trump Generously Threatens Europe With A Gift Of Terrorists, Something She Genuinely Wants

Trump has given many gifts to Europe and other American allies. He recently gave another with the insistence that Europeans take back ISIS terrorists from the Middle East who left the nations of Europe according to a report: In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump has said European countries should take back and put […]

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Guns For Hire - Afghanistan

US Military Unsure Of What To Do With 1000 Independent Contractors In Syria

The US is preparing to reduce operations in Syria, and is currently unsure of what to do with 1000 government contractors according to a report: The Islamic State’s physical territory has dwindled to a ramshackle camp only a few square kilometers wide in eastern Syria’s Deir Ez Zor province. But as the so-called caliphate’s end […]

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There Is No National Emergency

By Theodore Shoebat When I see this “national emergency” declaration  coming from Trump, the first question that comes to my mind is: where is the national emergency? Is there a national emergency. Well, in Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, the president admits: “I didn’t need to do this”. If there was really a national […]

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