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Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack, Murder A Man And A Baby While Praying For A Deceased Family Member

In the Godfather film series, Michael Corleone ordered the murder of several members of the various mob families. As evil as it was, he did not target people at home, which is what happens to him in the second film. Naturally, he is enraged about it while telling his associate Frank Pantangeli: He eventually figures […]

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The_Death_Camps Germanby

Major National Socialist And White Nationalist Website Admits That It Doesn’t Care About Race And The End Goal Is A New Darwinism

The Daily Stormer is the largest and arguably most popular National Socialist and White Nationalist website on the Internet. However, they have recently come out in support of Democrat contender Andrew Yang while before they ardently supported Trump. In an interesting article from earlier this month, and something that nobody has yet discussed, is that […]

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Chinese Government Agents Falsely Arrest And Torture Kyrgyz Man For Becoming A Christian

The Chinese government is waging a war against all religion except for the worship of the state and their spiritual leader, Chairman Mao. Both Christianity and Islam are being targeted by the government. Xijiang Province, meaning “Western Wall”, is the westernmost point in China and is the historical and at times contested boundary between the […]

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Six Christians Are Murdered And Hundreds Flee From Islamic Terrorist Attacks In Congo

In the past several days there has been an explosion of violence against Christians by Muslims throughout Africa, in particular the nations of Nigeria and Mozambique. Now Congo is on this list as six Christians were killed and almost five hundred fled from violence by Islamic terrorists according to a report: Six Christians, including three […]

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