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The Government Of Belgium Warns That Nazis Are Rising Up, Arming Themselves And Preparing For Violence

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Belgium is now warning that Nazis are rising up, arming themselves and preparing for violence, as we read in a report from TRT: The Belgian Intelligence Service (VSSE) reported that in Western Europe the extreme right is changing, with some right-wing leaders calling for their militants to receive training in weapons […]

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Catholic Priest Upholds The Sacraments, Tells Sodomites They Cannot Enroll Their Children In Catholic School

Many times in the media, one hears of the evils of what priests and bishops have done. It is good to point out these things for the sake of mercy and justice. However, one also should point out the good things took. Take for example Archbishop Naumann of Kansas. Standing up to the current trends, […]

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Homosexual Jailed For Life After Being Convicted Of Sodomizing Boy For TEN Years

A man in Virginia was jailed for life after he was found guilty of sodomizing a boy for ten years according to a report: A Sterling man has been sentenced to six mandatory life sentences plus 30 years in prison on counts of sexual assault against a child, according to the Loudoun commonwealth’s attorney’s office. […]

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State Of Michigan Now Officially Forces Christian Adoption Agencies To Give Children To Child Molestors

Sexual abuse is a huge problem, and it is a massive issue among the LGBT, where it is virtually endemic to the community as a whole and has been throughout history. There has with this been a fight in recent days over the adoption of children by LGBT, and it is a major problem for […]

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President Trump Takes A Hint From Hillary Clinton, Uses His Donors To Pay Himself

It is an absolute fact that there will naturally be some crossover between political expenses and personal expenses because many times, the two overlap in a natural, seamless way. This is in itself not a problem and not a cause for concern, especially if it involves small amounts of money. However, it becomes a concern […]

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