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Funerals Are “Dying” As America Returns To Pagan Ways Of Dealing With Death

Everybody will die, and Christians speak much about death because a man passes out of time and back to his creator, and he must be ready for this. Some don’t take this seriously, and even laugh about it. However, it has become a major trend now as according to one report, the funeral is “dying” […]

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Dallas DA Declares He Will Stop Prosecuting For “Petty” Crimes, Such As Theft Under $750

The decline of a society is evidenced many times by either an overenforcement of law or underenforcement in extreme ways, which indicate an internal imbalance. In an interesting story out of Dallas, the DA has declared that he will stop prosecuting “petty” crimes, one of which includes theft under $750 according to a report: Dallas […]

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Many Muslims Online Are Laughing As The Notre Dame Church Burns Down

Earlier today it was reported that the Notre Dame Church has burned down in Paris in a massive fire: The spire atop the iconic Notre Dame cathedral collapsed amid a devastating fire at the Paris cathedral on Monday that has been burning for the past two hours. Images and video showed flames and thick plumes […]

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The Ancient Cathedral Of Notre-Dame Has Been Engulfed In Flames And Is Now Being Destroyed By Fire. Was This A Deliberate Attack?

By Theodore Shoebat It is a sad day for us Christians, seeing such a monument of Christianity’s beauty and triumph, destroyed by flames. The fire has only been so far “potentially linked” to the renovation of the building, and currently this is being suspected as an accident. Nonetheless, so far we do not emphatically know […]

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