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Sixty Percent Of Millennials Do Not Have Even Five Hundred Dollars Saved Up

Millenials are much more impoverished than their parents, and not entirely due to frivolous spending, as many are saddled with crushing debts that will likely never be able to be paid entirely, and in combination with declining wages, rising expenses, and job instability that as affected the entire country, it is a trend for long-term […]

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Mob Of Cow-Worshiping Nationalists Accuse Catholic Man Of Killing A Cow And Beat Him To Death

The direct rise of Hindu nationalism as also revived much of the pathological behaviors found in Hinduism, such as the worship of cows. In a recent bout of violence, a mob of Hindu terrorists accused a Catholic man of killing a cow, and so they beat him to death over it according to a report: […]

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Hindu Terrorists Attack And Destroy Christian Churches During Holy Week

The Indian courts have, for the time, been helping Christian churches stay open even in spite of pressure from Hindu terrorists, who want to impose a Hindu ethnostate and murder Christians. However, there has been much difficulty, as they are continually attacked, including during this Holy Week: A recent court order enabled a church to […]

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far left and far right

In The War Of Ideas, The Most Radical Ones Dominate The Moderates. We Are Slowly Seeing The Far Right And Far Left Replace The Moderate Conservatives And Liberals

By Theodore Shoebat Some of my thoughts on the rise of radicalism in both the Left and Right wing sides: Click Here To Donate To Keep This Website Going   CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR NEW SHOEBAT FACEBOOK PAGE  

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