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Jesus Christ Is For Sanctuary Cities, And So It Is Completely Moral To Have Cities Of Refuge For Illegal Immigrants

By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat Thus to the children of Aaron the priest they gave Hebron with its common-land (a city of refuge for the slayer) (Joshua 21:13) Yes, sanctuary cities are not immoral and are as ancient as the Scriptures. They are designed for the protection of people from mobs and from overreaching government power. Even the Trump […]

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Random Man Walks Up To Orthodox Monk, Asks Him About Trump, Then Attacks Him And Punches Him In The Face

Anti-clericalism is rising throughout the US. While mostly Catholic priests have been attacked, it is not limited to them, as an Eastern Orthodox Abbot was attacked while at a gas station by a random man, who punched him in the face before fleeing according to a report: A monk from Vashon Island Abbot Tryphon was […]

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San Francisco’s Streets Are Filled With Feces

San Francisco is one of the wealthiest and most LGBT-loving cities in the US. It also has another designation, which is that it is becoming one of the filthiest as people are defecating in mass all over the city: One of America’s wealthiest cities has a huge problem with public poop. Between 2011 and 2018, […]

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Freedom Of The Press Sharply Deteriorates In The US

The continued language coming out of the White House on the “enemedia” or the “lying press” has directly affected the safety of journalists, which saw sharp declines all throughout the Americas and especially in the US: The Americas saw the greatest deterioration in press freedom of any part of the world during the last year, […]

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The Violent Rhetoric Between The Older And Younger Generations Needs To Stop For The Good Of All

This Good Friday, Christians celebrate the murder of Jesus for the sins of the world as foretold by the prophets in the Old Testament, fulfilling the great promise by God to reconcile the world to Himself and open the way for those who believe in Him to get to Heaven. It is the day when […]

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