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NATO Executes Massive Military Drill On Russian Border With Norway With US Aircraft Carrier

Russia and Norway share a tiny strip of border land in the far regions of the Arctic. However, in the largest of its particular kind yet, NATO executed a massive military drill there involving an American aircraft carrier for the first time according to a report: Norway’s tiny military performs one of NATO’s most important […]

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President Trump Declares That His Statements On Obama Wiretapping Him Were Based “On A Bit Of A Hunch”

President Trump has said many things that are either partial truths or outright lies, as with any politician. In a recent statement, Trump said that his statement on Obama wiretapping him were based “on a bit of a hunch” according to a report: President Donald Trump stunned many in March 2017 when he accused former […]

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Shooting At Synagogue In California, 1 Person Dead, Three Injured. The Shooter Has Been Identified As John Earnest

By Theodore Shoebat Another shooting at a synagogue. This time it has occurred in California. This is just six months after the last synagogue massacre which took place Pittsburg, PA and which was done by Alt-right fanatic Robert Bowers. So far police have identified the shooter as John Earnest. As we read in one report from CNN: […]

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Syphilis Is On The Rise Again

Syphilis was once upon a time one of the deadliest STDs that one could get, causing lifelong illness, insanity, and death. Thanks to modern medicine, the threat of syphilis has greatly declined, but with the rise of drug-resistant strains, the disease is making a massive return for the worst: Syphilis — once thought to be […]

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