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Islamic Terrorists Murder Four More People In Mozambique

Islamic terrorists recently murdered four people in the nation of Mozambique, which has seen an upturn in violence committed at the hands of terrorists according to a report: Suspected Islamist militants have killed four people in Mozambique’s northern Macomia district in fresh attacks that could pose a threat to relief efforts following last week’s powerful […]

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BBC Admits That Christian Persecution Around The World Is Reaching “Genocide” Levels

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is known for its antagonistic view of Christianity and derisive approach towards Christians. However, even they have had to admit that Christian persecution around the world is so terrible that is is reaching “genocide” levels according to a recent report from them: he persecution of Christians in parts of the […]

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FILE - In this Nov. 24, 2015 file photo, police officers patrol the Grand Place in central Brussels. Between terror attacks, Zika and mass shootings, there's lots of bad news about popular destinations around the world. Where does that leave travelers who may want to stay home instead of going through with a trip? It depends on the circumstances. Cancel-for-any-reason insurance is expensive to buy but provides refunds if you change your mind about a trip. Standard trip insurance may also cover cancellations to a destination hit by terrorism for a period of days following an attack. (AP Photo/Michael Probst, File)

Major Intelligence Chief For The British MI5 Warns: ‘ISIS Still Has The Ability To Cause Mass Destruction In Europe.’

By Theodore Shoebat The MI5 chief, Andrew Parker, has warned that ISIS still has the capacity and logistical means to causing massive amounts of destruction in Europe. He also said that 80% of the attempted terrorist attacks that were prevented were being plotted by people influenced by ISIS propaganda and ideology. He also spoke about […]

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Even Mainstream News Is Acknowledging The Growing Power And Influence Of The Hindu Nationalists

The rise of Hindu nationalism is something that has continually discussed but has seldom been mentioned in mainstream media. It is of great concern because the Nationalists have openly threatened the mass murder of Christians and other non-Hindus, such as Muslims, in the name of racism. This seems to be changing, as NPR recently […]

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American Veteran Who Went To Iraq To Train Christians How To Fight ISIS Warns: ‘Don’t Rely On The Kurds To Defend The Christians.’

American veteran, Brett Felton, who went to Iraq to train Christians how to fight ISIS, warned in a radio interview today that we cannot rely on the Kurds to protect the Christians: We did a documentary about Brett Felton back in 2015 and you can watch that here:  

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