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Saudi Arabian Newspaper Asserts That America Needs To Attack Iran

The Israelis for years have asserted that the US needs to attack Iran. Now the Saudis have joined with the Israelis, saying that the US should conduct “surgical strikes” against Iran: America should launch ‘surgical strikes’ against Iran, a state-affiliated Saudi newspaper has said. The Arab News argued the US had ‘set a precedent’ with […]

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embasy baghdad

US Pulls Staff From Baghdad Embassy While Insisting That She ‘Believes’ Iran Gave Her “Blessing” For The Recent “Terrorist Attacks”

More signs of conflict with Iran are taking place as the US pulls its embassy staff in Baghdad, ordering them home amid accusations that while providing absolutely no concrete proof, says that she ‘believes’ Iran gave “blessing” to the recent terrorists attacks near Saudi Arabia: Helicopters ferried U.S. staff from the American embassy in Baghdad […]

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After Years Of Pressing The US For War With Iran, Netanyahu Tells The US To Keep Israel Out Of The Conflict

For years, Netanyahu has pressed the US to go to war with Iran. Under the Obama administration, his requests were mostly ignored as Obama refused to cave to pressure from lobbying groups such as AIPAC. However, the Trump administration has make a complete turn and gone even further than any president before, including Bush II, […]

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Pat Robertson

Major American Televangelist Declares That Alabama’s Abortion Law Needs To Allow For The Murder Of Certain Children

Pat Robertson is one of America’s most famous “pastors” who is known for his “prophetic” statements and his support of the particular combination of Christianity and American nationalism. In a recent statement, Robertson said that Alabama’s abortion law is “too strict”: Televangelist Pat Robertson, who is opposed to abortion, criticized an anti-abortion bill passed by […]

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