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Rep. Maurice West compares anti-abortion law to slavery

Democrat Politician And Pastor In Illinois Declares: Laws That Prohibit Abortion Is No Different Than Slavery

By Theodore Shoebat Democrat politician and pastor in Illinois, Maurice West, recently declared that any laws prohibiting abortion is no different from slavery, as we read in a report from WGN9:  The Illinois House has endorsed expanded abortion protections as a half-dozen other states strive to restrict the procedure. Chicago Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy’s Reproductive Health […]

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Hungarian Parliament Moves To Nationalize Scientific Research

Science is supposed to be the study and pursuit of truth through the created order, but often times it becomes a vehicle for particular policies. Darwinism is one such example, for while it can be easily disproven through a comprehensive analysis, and even moreso now with the help of modern research into genetics and the […]

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school japan attack

Japanese Man Goes On Murderous Stabbing Rampage At Catholic Elementary School Before Taking His Own Life

Mass violence in America is common, but is not exclusive to her in a “first world” context. Japan, a nation touted as highly safe and ordered, also has a history of such things, just less remembered. In a recent example of this, a fifty-one-year-old man went on a murderous stabbing rampage at a Catholic elementary […]

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Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, And Oriental Orthodox Clerics Jointly Agree To Restore Church Of The Holy Sepulcher

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is one of the holiest sites in Christianity. However, the Church has also been the scene of intense conflict, particularly between the Eastern Orthodox Greeks and Oriental Orthodox Armenians, whose monks are known for publicly brawling in the Church to the point the Israeli police have to be called […]

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