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Major AI Scientists Warn That Using AI To Predict Crimes Could Lead To Mass Encarceration

Artificial Intelligence programs and robotics are becoming commonly used in policing. However, some experts on AI are warning that the technology’s use of crime “prediction” might not only be a failure, but could lead to mass incarceration according to reports: Prominent thinkers in the fields of artificial intelligence say that predictive policing tools are not […]

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What No One Ever Tells You About: How Islamic Terrorism Is Being Used To Spark Nationalism, Racism And Fascism

By Theodore Shoebat In the Cold War a policy that was intensely utilized by NATO was the use of neo-Nazis and nationalists as stay-behind militia groups to fight the Soviet Union if the latter decided to invade western Europe. This was known as (amongst numerous titles) Operation Gladio. Another part of Gladio was getting these […]

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Chinese Government Sentences Christian Missionary To Seven Years In Prison

The Chinese government has been viciously persecuting Christians, many times using dubious legal claims as their justification for doing so. Such has taken place again where a Christian pastor in China has been sentenced to seven years in jail according to reports: China has announced its decision to uphold a North Carolina pastor’s seven-year prison […]

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Islamic Terrorists Release Video Showing Six Captured Christian Aid Workers Begging For Their Lives

Islamic terrorists have released a video of six captured Christian aid workers in Nigeria begging for their lives according to a report: Islamist insurgents in Nigeria have released a video of six Christian aid workers begging for their lives after being kidnapped by a jihadist group in a raid last week. In the three-minute video, […]

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Jeffrey Epstein Is Not Unique, Read About The 20th Century Sodomite Who Stole Poor Christian Children, Put Them Into A Veritable Death Camp, And Then Sold The Survivors To Rich Jewish Families And Pedophiles In New York And California

Jeffrey Epstein is facing trial for child sex trafficking and rape. There is a tremendous amount of evidence against him, and given the large amounts of child pornography found on his person and the high-profiled connections he maintained for years, it is likely that he will be convicted. What Epstein did is not new. In […]

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