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Will Fighting Start Again Between Russia And Georgia?

Back in 2004, Russia and Georgia had a small war over the territory of South Ossetia, a large holding of land within Georgia leading towards Armenia. The conflict, which had its roots in pre-and-post-Soviet disputes, calmed down once again but was never put to rest. The two nations have continued to be unofficially at war […]

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jeff epstein

Epstein Pedophilia Case Is Being Dismissed

The infamous human trafficker and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was declared to be dead by authorities in his cell, has had the pedophilia case dismissed against him posthumously: A New York federal judge officially closed the criminal case against shamed former financier Jeffrey Epstein, it was announced on Thursday afternoon. Prosecutors previously requested US District […]

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Could Trump Lose In 2020?

The 2020 election is generally not going to be of much interest. However, as I have noted, the situation could change quickly with it because nothing is guaranteed with regard to political conditions, especially if Trump were to do something that could jeopardize his position in office. The Democrats may be in “miserable shape,” but […]

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Christian Ministry Insider Declares That ‘Evangelist’ Todd Bowman Is A Sodomite

Todd Bentley is a well-known Evangelical Protestant preacher as well as ‘evangelist’ behind the 2008 Lakeland Revival. Bentley was convicted as a teenager of sexually assaulting a boy, although later said he became a Christian and theoretically put that part of his past behind him. However, it seems this may not be so. It was […]

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