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Pack of ‘Lone Wolves’ in thwarted Canadian terror plot just grew by one

Last month, Canadian authorities prevented Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser from committing an Islamic terror attack that involved derailing a VIA passenger train. There is no telling how high the death toll would have been had they been successful. Thankfully, they were not. The left-wing media would have you believe that Islam is not what […]

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Cannibalistic Ritual Done In Syria

By Theodore Shoebat A recent photograph has been released showing a Syrian rebel placing a human head on a barbecue, grilling his head. According to a report, the victim was a Syrian helicopter pilot who was journeying to bring food to army bases and villages around the Marraat Noman city in the Idleb province, until […]

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Video: When asked if Benghazi talking points were ‘scrubbed’, Far left Democrat Dennis Kucinich says, ‘of course’

If you have any doubts that far left-wing Democrat Dennis Kucinich agreeing that the Benghazi talking points were ‘scrubbed’ is a big deal, just watch Chris Wallace’s reaction; his eyes seem to communicate the Fox News anchor didn’t believe what he was hearing. Via GWP:

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What Benghazi Whistle-blower has in common with Station Wagon filled with Nuns

The Democratic defenders of the Obama administration stonewall have been taking political shrapnel all week; it’s even been coming from the liberal media in some cases. The spinning that has been increasingly difficult for the Democrats just got tougher. Gregory Hicks – the Benghazi whistle-blower whom the Democrats have accused of coming forward because he […]

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Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Implicated in the altering of Benghazi talking points

Should Vice President Joe Biden fire his National Security Adviser or risk drawing the White House further into the Benghazi cover-up? When the 9/11/12 attacks in Benghazi went down, a man named Jake Sullivan was a Deputy Chief of Staff to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. We now know that Sullivan was intimately involved […]

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Another opportunity for Ranking Democrat / Registered Socialist Elijah Cummings to keep his word (Socialists never do)

Think Progress, which is essentially the media arm of George Soros’ Center for American Progress (CAP), is now engaged in a media campaign to smear Benghazi whistleblower, Gregory Hicks. This is the same Gregory Hicks who Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, pledged to protect from intimidation. It would […]

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Audio: Hillary Clinton Ventriloquist Dummy Victoria Nuland Lied one day after Susan Rice did

We now know that the State Department was far more responsive to Benghazi talking points it didn’t like than it was to attacks on American installations in Benghazi that resulted in the murders of four people, three days earlier. We also know that State Department / Hillary Clinton spokesman Victoria Nuland was very involved in […]

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Liberal Media: Hillary’s Ventriloquist Dummy acted alone

Last week, we wrote about Stephen Hayes’ revelations that State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland sent and received emails having to do with the altering of Benghazi talking points. These emails were sent / received on September 14th and perhaps the 15th, before UN Ambassador Susan Rice lied on five Sunday talk shows on the 16th. […]

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