Russia Does Master Troll Job By Telling The US To “Leave Syria & Deal With Your Own Problems”

Russia is a nation that is terrible at lying. However, she is a master of bluffing and as such does an amazing job of trolling people and governments, with her being arguably better at the former than even the US. Russian bluffing, as with all bluffing, involves ignoring or not acknowledging her own problems, but redirecting attention to another person’s problems.

Russia recently did an excellent example of this bluffing when according to Zero Hedge declared to the US “Leave Syria & Deal With Your Own Problems”.

Recall that last month, shortly before George Floyd protests plunged a number of American cities into unrest and chaos which witnessed often violent confrontations between demonstrators and police, a top US envoy for Syria policy boasted “my job is to make Syria a quagmire for the Russians.”

But in the wake of the raging protests, which last week created a bit of a crisis for the White House as it mulled “action” against the worsening security situation on the Capitol, Russia has gone on the offensive, demanding that US forces get out of Syria in order to handle America’s own mess at home.

Specifically this was in response to a statement days ago from Assistant Secretary of State David Schenker, who called on Russia to ‘go out of the Middle East’.

“For 45 years, this has been the cornerstone of American politics – to keep Russia away from the Middle East,” he further claimed.

The Russian Embassy in the US immediately reminded Washington that the “Russian military is stationed in Syria at the invitation of its government.”

The embassy added according to TASS: “The real question here: what are the grounds for the USA to occupy several swaths of this sovereign country? As far as we know none of them are legal. Neither the legitimate authorities nor the UN Security Council sanctioned American troops deployment.”

Additionally, the Russian Foreign Ministry called the remarks “crazy” and “stupid” – and added:

“The US should leave Syria and deal with its internal crisis.”

Both China, Russia, as well as other American rivals and officially dubbed “rogue regimes” by Washington have called out the US for its rank hypocrisy, lecturing others as it faces chaos at home, which has involved not only the police killing of George Floyd, but at least 15 deaths amid the ‘protest’ and riot mayhem which followed. (source)

The irony of Russia telling the US to leave another nation and deal with her own problems is a master troll job because it is arguably the height of hypocrisy for Russia, for while American hypocrisy is well-known in her own context, as I have pointed out before, for every problem that can be placed onto America, Russia probably has at least three or more, and likely more serious.

Russia right now is dying, without exaggeration. The nation is at 142 million people in her population and losing a million per year, in spite of mass migration taking place from Central Asia that is continuing without cessation. Russia has massive drug problems that dwarf the worst of the US, her people will not reproduce, most people neither go nor care about church and religion save for the Muslim bloc, the gap between the rich and the poor is worse than anything in the US, she has no economy, the HIV rate for Russia is exploding and continues to grow exponentially, she is riddled with many of the worst natural disasters in history, her distribution networks are a joke, public corruption in Russia makes American corruption of the same nature look like a joke, and unlike in America, where there still is a lot of hope, there is by the admission of the Russia people a sense of complete hopelessness.

Ask yourself, are Americans fleeing in mass to Russia, or the other way arond? Certainly an American going to Russia, especially with money or remote employment, has a decent chance at building a good life, but unless one is part of the families of the approximately 56 oligarchs who rule Russia, the only option is miserable poverty with absolutely no future.

Russia is for these and more reasons very close to breaking up into a series of independent nations. Indeed if one looks at the financials, the best-off nations are those inhabited by the Muslim and Turkic peoples (Tatarstan, a historically Muslim region, is considered the most “Middle class” region of all Russia, and many of the other republics have factories or other industries).

Russia is racing to militarize the Arctic right now because she is deathly afraid in a major global conflict, which is coming, that the Caucasus will be likely seized, and knowing her history, her need for oil to run her war machine, and the fact that she uses the cold as a shield to protect her, she is trying to extract oil from the Arctic to “seal off” any Western attempts to take Russia. The Americans have already responded by heavily militarizing the Baltic nations and have been working with Norway and Finland to put their oil military vessels into territories in that region to counter Russia’s response.

Yet what has Russia also continued to do? She has, like the Americans, gone around the world starting geopolitical mischief, just less effectively because she is, objectively speaking, not as efficient as the Anglos and not as good at lying in the game of power.

Yet while Russia continues to do this, she will criticize the US and say she has to “Leave Syria & Deal With Your Own Problems”.

If this is not a case of the “pot calling the kettle black”, what other could there be?

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