Major Russian Newspaper Openly Announces That Russia Wants To Revive The USSR has been repeatedly noting how the nations of Europe want to revive their old empires. One of these is Russia, who wants to revive the USSR. Putin and his love and veritable enchantment with Stalin makes this very clear in addition to his statements and actions. He sees himself as a cross between Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, and Stalin, and is trying to write himself into the annals of Russian history as a sort of majestic leader.

So far, few people have talked about this, and some will say, in spite of the obvious evidence indicating this, that such is not true. However, the Russian newspaper Pravda recently published an article about this, openly declaring “How Russian can build (lit. “assemble” a new USSR” by way of talking about Russian involvement in Central Asia, and specifically the nation of Kyrgyzstan.

– Now our countries are united and brought together by the Eurasian Economic Union. But not everything is so smooth in this Union. At the EAEU summit on May 19, almost all partners made claims against Russia. The President of Kyrgyzstan did not directly name the country, but said that “separate states” that increase control and there will be restrictions on food supplies against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. Is this a transparent allusion to Russia?

– Our president has made complaints, of course, to Kazakhstan, because we have very big problems with Kazakhstan regarding the passage of our goods through its borders, and so on. I think that Kazakhstan does not want to force integration with partners in the EAEU . This has long been traced.

It is clear that Russia wants to force, and before there were attempts at rapprochement. We started with Belarus last year, but also unsuccessfully. This assembly is not very happy with Kazakh political circles. Kazakhstan would like to preserve the economic factor without moving to the political context. President Tokayev’s speech clearly speaks of this.

– That is – the Kyrgyz are pleased with the entry into the single economic space of the Eurasian Union? Or are there any complaints?

– Yes, yes. The fact is that the EAEU, although it is an economic union, was previously perceived by us as the beginning of the revival of the Soviet Union, only in a different format. We hoped that we would get some kind of protection, we would have benefits. It turned out that here are the tough internal rules of the game. Belarus with the help of its special services knocks out some preferences, Armenia is also somehow more active.

The Kyrgyz market is completely crushed by Kazakh, Belarusian and Russian goods. Our manufacturer suffers very much in this regard, suffers losses. Kyrgyzstan cannot resist this expansion of goods, and our political leadership cannot push this issue.

Therefore, now such a sobering has come, the understanding that far from everything is so simple, we still live under capitalism, and even inside the EAEU pragmatism acts first of all. In Kyrgyzstan, because of this, there is already great discontent and the movement for leaving the EAEU is growing.

– Representatives of Kazakhstan and Belarus complain in the same way about the Eurasian Union, they say that Kazakhstani goods cannot enter the Russian market. Even in the European Union, almost everyone has the same complaints. It is just that the strongest always and everywhere wins.

Probably, without such trade agreements it would be even worse, everyone just wants him to have additional preferences. But we really live in capitalism, and no one has canceled the competition. Still, in your opinion, is there any way out of this situation? What to do with this, how to improve the mechanism or make it more fair?

– You’re right. Here we need to make a political decision in Moscow, because all our republics expect Russia to become our patron, older brother. And if there is a capitalist relationship, then even Belarus would sometimes be more profitable to buy oil from the United States of America.

Therefore, I think Moscow should decide. If she is going to do the assembly, then in the relationship there must be not only economic pragmatism, but also support, patronage. Because we still have the Soviet Eurasian mentality.

Although everyone has been living under capitalism for a long time, the consciousness remains socialist. Russia is defeated because its power does not understand and does not use this factor. (source)

Kyrgyzstan is an interesting nation in that she is the poorest of the Central Asian nations, she is a source of a lot of migrants to Russia, and she also is the most “western friendly” of all the Central Asian nations. As a major center of passage between east and west along the Silk Road for centuries, this tiny nation is, like Azerbaijan is to oil, in a unique position to be courted by major nations and attempted to be forced to side with either. It is one of the reasons why has paid so much attention to her in our archives.

Russia is going to attempt to revive the USSR- regardless of the form -but will she be able to do it? Russia is weaker now than she has arguably ever been in her history, she is suffering from a tremendous population loss by emigration and deaths at the same time she is going through a migrant crisis from Central Asia that is fundamentally transforming the nation. She is very poor, has no economy except selling raw materials and cheap weapons, and with her nation being so large, so diverse, and with such a small population (Russia is 142 million people with being 1.8 times the size of the whole US and 2.3 times the size of the continental US, while the US has about 350 million people for her population), there is a chance that while Russia could attempt to revive the USSR, that she may break up into a series of warring states.

The future will be very interesting.

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