German Defense Minister Declares That US Troop Withdrawal Will Likely Harm NATO

NATO has existed for over seventy years, but it appears that the alliance may be coming to an end as AP News reports that Germany has said President Trump’s plan to remove US troops from Germany could cause serious harm to NATO and her mission.

Germany’s defense minister suggested Monday that U.S. President Donald Trump’s reported plans to withdraw more than a quarter of American troops out of Germany could weaken not only the NATO alliance but the U.S. itself.

Trump is said to have has signed off on a plan to reduce the total of troops stationed in Germany from 34,500 to no more than 25,000, according to reports by The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, but German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told reporters that Berlin hasn’t yet been informed of any such move.

The U.S. Embassy in Berlin declined to comment and the Pentagon hasn’t confirmed the reports.

If the U.S. goes ahead, however, she suggested the move would do more harm to NATO as a whole than to Germany’s own defense.

“The fact is that the presence of U.S. soldiers in Germany serves the entire NATO alliance security, including America’s own security,” she said. “That is the basis on which we work together.”

The Trump administration has been urging Germany to spend more on its defense to meet the NATO goal of spending 2% of gross domestic product on defense, and American officials in the past had raised the possibility of moving troops out as a veiled threat.

As such, the government’s coordinator for trans-Atlantic relations, Peter Beyer, said if the plan is confirmed it wouldn’t be a surprise, but that it was irritating to first learn of the possibility through media reports.

“The German-American relationship could be severely affected by such a decision of the U.S. president,” Beyer told the dpa news agency.

“It’s not just about 9,500 soldiers, but also about their families, so about 20,000 Americans. This would break down trans-Atlantic bridges.” (source)

This seems to be the point.

NATO was created after the Second World War to do two things:

1) Act as a unified bloc to oppose the USSR
2) Keep Germany from going on another killing rampage that turns into a global war.

Trump’s actions, not just with this particular event, but his entire presidency- and remembering that all presidents are really actors in public positions that serve private interests -has revolved around the destruction of the post-World War II shackles keeping Germany, Japan, and the rest of the world in order.

If NATO is weakened, Germany will respond by declaring that she has to “take up” the difference in security left by the vacuum. Since NATO is a military alliance, it will isolate the US from Germany more, and then it will likewise cause the militarization of Germany, which was the very reason for why NATO was created.

Remember Trump’s actions as they pertain to Germany, for far from “making America great again”, he has first sought to “make Israel great again” by his constant concessions to the small nation, and now is “making Germany the Reich again” because his actions are opening the way for a revival of a Reich based on the cyclical patterns of German history going back all the way to the Roman Empire. This is not good for anybody, but is the political exploitation of the worst impulses of human behavior and historical paradigms for nothing more than what seems to be the consolidation and perpetuation of American power and for the individuals who are driving this, the advancement of eugenics is a sick game of attempting to become divine by the mass destruction of human life.

We are truly living in a time in history that could be a story taken out of the Bible.

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