Lockdown Prevented 3 Million People From Dying Of Coronavirus

By Theodore Shoebat

Lockdowns in Europe prevented the deaths of three million people, according to a recent study. This reveals the importance of lockdowns and quarantines and demonstrates the the recklessness of those who were so vitriolic against the lockdown. As we read in a report from the South China Morning Post:

Lockdowns prevented around 3.1 million deaths in 11 European countries, according to a new modelling study published on Monday, as most nations tiptoe out of the strict measures to halt the spread of the new coronavirus.

Research by Imperial College London, whose scientists are advising the British government on the virus, found that restrictions such as stay-at-home orders had worked to bring the epidemic under control.

Using European Centre of Disease Control data on deaths in 11 nations in the period up to May 4, they compared the number of observed deaths in the countries against those predicted by their model if no restrictions had been imposed. They estimated that about 3.1 million deaths had been averted by the policies.

Researchers also calculated that the interventions had caused the reproduction number – how many people someone with the virus infects – to drop by an average of 82 per cent, to below 1.0.