Pakistan: Report on Nadeem Yousaf

From our contact in Pakistan…

On 1st December, 2012 a mentally disabled Christian Boy (aged 22) was found dead in the police lock-up at Nankana Sahab District. Nadeem was the resident of Usmani Khoo Nankana Sahab. Nankana Sahab is the same District where Christian Lady Asiya Bibi was arrested in 2009.

On 22nd Nov, 2012 Nadeem Yousaf was arrested after being accused of tearing and burning the Islamic holy Book. The local residents of Usmani Khoo tortured the mentally disabled Nadeem; they were preparing to burn the boy alive when the City Police arrived. They took Nadeem yousaf into custody and locked him in the Sardar Police station. Then the violent Mob tried to attack the police station, but the police shifted him by using the back door to Warburton Police Station.

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However, No FIR (charge) was registered against him, as the police were busy providing protection to the Shia Muslims in the Islamic month of Moharrum. Nadeem remained in the police lock-up for 8 days and was found dead on 1st December, 2012. Police stated that he died a natural death. However, it is a case similar to that of Fanish Robert, who was murdered in the police lock-up on 12th Sept, 2009.

Our staff had telephonic conversation regarding this case and he has given direction to the District Police Officer to investigate in this regard. We know Police will never admit that he was killed in their custody.

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