State Department: Assad responsible for rise of Al-Qaeda in Syria

What does the State Department do when forced to acknowledge the reality that rebel forces in Syria are made up of Al-Qaeda? It blames Bashar Al-Assad for creating an environment that could be exploited. Gee, isn’t that what the DOJ did with Fast and Furious and the gun control agenda?

The video below is truly an amazing sight to behold. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland actually blames Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad for creating the “environment” that has caused the rise of Al-Qaeda in Syria. We’re not apologists for Assad; we’re just truth-seekers. Remember, this is the same woman who on March 29th, refused to identify Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

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Using Nuland logic, she must have “created the environment” that emboldened an Egyptian cleric on May 1st – just a few weeks later (note to Eric Holder: this is the proper usage of the phrase ‘a few weeks’) – to declare that Jerusalem would become the Capital of a new Islamic Caliphate as he introduced Mohammed Morsi.

Via Washington Free Beacon:

For that matter, using Nuland logic, the Obama administration must have “created the environment” that led to the overthrow of Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood taking over in Egypt; it must have “created the environment” that led to the overthrow of Gadhafi and Al-Qaeda’s rise in Libya, which ultimately led to the death of four Americans – including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens – in Benghazi. Then again, that same twisted logic was applied to the anti-Muhammad video being responsible but Nuland logic is never applied to Nuland’s State Department.

Here is the video of that Egyptian cleric telling the Egyptian masses – with Morsi seated behind him – that Jerusalem will become the new Capital of an Islamic caliphate (date of this upload is June 26th but the event took place on May 1st):

One of the reasons the progressive left is so good at projection is because its players are very good at understanding what they want to keep hidden about themselves; revealing the truth about who they are would be too damaging. As a result, they know that attributing such traits to others will be effective.


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