State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland turns her Hypocrisy Amplifier up to 11

As if one needed any further evidence that the Obama administration is openly siding with the Muslim Brotherhood. In our previous post, we addressed the issue of State Department spokesman, Victoria Nuland blaming Bashar Al-Assad for the presence of Al-Qaeda, saying he “created the environment” for violence that “extremists could exploit”.

At this point, Nuland logic takes a hit so severe, it might make Jay Carney blush. Thanks to information presented by Raymond Ibrahim, a report suggests Egypt’s Mohammed Morsi is doing exactly what Nuland says Assad is doing.

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Via FPM:

The title of a recent Al Akhbar report declares: “Morsi summons 3,000 jihadis from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Somalia and Iran to be an Islamic army to strike the police and army forces” of Egypt.

According to the report, Ibrahim Ali, a lawyer of various Islamic groups, said that 3,000 leaders and members of the Jihad Groups and the notorious Islamic Group—including the brother of Khaled al-Islambouli, the army officer who planned and participated in the assassination of President Anwar Sadat—will arrive in Egypt in a few days.

Ali added that most of these leaders are coming from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Somalia, Kenya, Iran, and even London. Similar reports had appeared earlier, in November: these seasoned jihadis may already be in Egypt. Moreover, back in August, days after Morsi assumed Egypt’s presidency, he released jihadi convicts from the nation’s two most notorious terrorist organizations, Islamic Jihad and the Islamic Group—including several held under tight security and on death row for committing especially heinous acts of terror in Egypt.

When applying the Nuland standard, not only is Assad responsible for Al-Qaeda’s growing violence in Syria but Morsi isn’t responsible for the same thing in Egypt.

The cherry on top of this hypocritical cow pie is that the Obama administration is reportedly sending Morsi reinforcements in the form of tanks and fighter jets.

Don’t look now but the Victoria Nuland hypocrisy amplifier is turned up to 11:


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