Michele Bachmann: ‘United States aiding and abetting (Islam’s) goal’

During a radio interview with Jan Markel and co-host Eric Barger, Rep. Michele Bachmann discussed the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda in the United States as well as attempts by Muslim groups to quash dissent. There are several notable excerpts from the interview over at Right Wing Watch, which obviously has a problem with Bachmann’s take but you can check out the audio there.

Of particular note is a letter referenced by Bachmann during the interview, which was signed by multiple Islamic groups to include CAIR, MPAC, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, and many others back on October 19, 2011. The letter was addressed to John Brennan, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security. The intent of the letter was to request a purge of all training materials that consisted of material that was critical of Islam.

Bachmann’s point should be obvious. If groups like the ISNA, which is on record as having a desire to destroy the United States from within, wishes to have criticism of Islamic materials purged, it should be a major red flag. Comparisons made to Nazi Germany and Hitler’s Mein Kampf by Bachmann are by no means a stretch. Hitler worked with the Muslim Brotherhood in WWII.

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In WWII, Americans studied Hitler’s writings to learn how best to defeat the Nazis. In 2012, we should be doing the same with Islamic writings. In particular, the letter penned by all those Islamic groups should bring increased scrutiny, especially to those who were unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Think Progress referred to Bachmann’s interview as an “anti-Muslim tirade”.

Seriously, does this sound like a tirade?

Just for some perspective on what a “tirade” is, this rant by Anthony Weiner in 2010 absolutely qualifies. Weiner is the husband of Huma Abedin, whose mother is a leader with the Muslim Sisterhood.


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