Rocket Science: Egypt sees drop in tourism thanks to Sharia


If only Islamists understood economics…

In the world of Sharia law, economic activity is determined by how many infidels and Jews are made to cough up their wealth and possessions. This mentality is doomed to failure. All one has to do is follow its logical conclusion.

If those responsible for overseeing the economy seek to extort, intimidate, and punish those responsible for putting money into the economy, it’s quite easy to determine what will happen – unless you’re responsible for overseeing an Islamist economy.


FOR millennia, the Sphinx guarding Cairo’s famed pyramids has gazed upon the rise and fall of civilisations and the passage of countless visitors.
Now though, the ancient statue is looking on an absence of foreign tourists.

They have been chased away, the coterie of local souvenir hawkers and guides in its shadow say, by the political turmoil swirling over the country.

On Saturday, as polling stations nearby received voters for the second round of a referendum on an Islamist-backed constitution, the Giza Necropolis, as the site comprising the Great Sphynx and the pyramids is known, was all but empty.

“Currently there is no tourism in Egypt,” grumbled Adel Anwar, the 32-year-old owner of a trinket stall.

“The new Islamist government has no experience in managing the state,” he said. “The Islamists care only about their interests, not us. They forget about everyone else.”

It’s like a union mentality on steroids.


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