Hillary Healed!!… Just in time to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in the Dominican Republic

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The credibility of John Bolton’s comment that Hillary Clinton’s decision not to testify in front of Congress about Benghazi on December 20th was the result of a ‘Diplomatic Illness’ just got another shot in the arm. As the world has been kept in the dark as to Hillary’s status since her fall sometime between December 10th – 14th (we still don’t even know the exact date, place, or time), she has magically healed just in time for a New Years Eve vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Via Dominican Today:

Ex-president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton are enjoying their year-end vacation in Punta Cana, in the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.

According to press reports, the Clintons will celebrate New Year’s at the Puntacana Resort & Club and could also attend a fashion show scheduled for December 29, which will be held in honor of famous Dominican designer Oscar de la Renta.

Also expected to attend are American journalist Barbara Walters, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Spanish actress Mar Flores and her husband Javier Merino, among other international jetsetters.

Barbara Wah Wah is expected to attend? Gee, do you think her invite had anything to do with this powder puff interview with Hillary that aired on December 12th?

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Just two days earlier, it was announced that Hillary would be canceling a Middle East trip because of a stomach virus that would ultimately cause her to become dehydrated, which caused her to pass out, which caused a concussion. It was initially reported that Hillary’s fall occurred on Saturday, December 15th. A CNN report then quoted a State Department official as saying the fall occurred “earlier in the week”. The irony is that Hillary’s fall may have happened at the precise moment her interview with Wah Wah was being aired.

Take note at the 3:30 mark as Hillary boasts about her health and stamina.


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