Video: Turkish activist suggests U.S. Embassy bombing done by Al-Qaeda

If the Obama administration can carry on the lie that an anti-Muhammad video was responsible for the attacks on U.S. territory in Benghazi, why can’t Turkey blame a suicide bombing on a member of a flailing and defunct Marxist group?

It’s not impossible that the bomber was a Marxist but it doesn’t seem to fit the profile of a suicide bomber.

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There has never been a greater need for critical thinking and skepticism when it comes to what we see and hear in the media.

In an interview that aired on Iran’s PressTV, a Turkish activist named Eser Uzun Belding suggested that Al-Qaeda may have been behind the attack for possibly two reasons. The attack coincided with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s last day and that earlier this week, the son-in-law of Osama bin Laden was detained in Ankara.

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