Egyptian Prime Minister: Unclean Breasts cause diarrhea in newborns

If you’ve ever held the belief that the reason newborn babies have diarrhea is because their bodies are so under-developed, it’s time to re-think your paradigm. According to Egypt’s new Prime Minister, the cause is the unclean breasts of the mothers.

The best part? The Prime Minister is a PhD.

Via Al Arabiya:

The PhD holding prime minister who studied water resources, somehow, related the lack of clean water to the lack of clean breasts in one speech. While meeting with his cabinet members he spoke in an emotional manner as he recounted the struggle of the villagers he witnessed on his trips as a minister.

He narrated his experience as a middle-class Egyptian who traveled to the rural areas of the country where he saw the suffering of newborns having to deal with diarrhoea after being breast fed.

The prime minister claimed that the reason behind the diarrhoea epidemic in rural Egypt is that some female villagers are too ignorant to clean their breasts before feeding their babies.

So, does this mean that mothers with newborn baby boys who have nothing physically wrong with them could face punishment under Sharia for not cleaning their breasts?

For video of the PM, click here.

This kind of logic is reminiscent of that found in a certain Monty Python movie scene.


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