Nazi Style Government Will Be In Middle East

By Theodore Shoebat

Twenty churches have been destroyed, abandoned, or damaged, and one hundred Christians have been murdered, in Syria. This is only going to get more and more severe as Islamic fundamentalism continuously wrests the Middle East. The patriarch of Antioch, Gregorios III, made this statement:

Many of our sons have been kidnapped, and we’ve paid great sums to return them. Around one hundred of our children have been killed; while over a thousand different Christian sects have been attacked. …The believers of our Lord and priests have been evicted. The priests have not reached to their people or prayed liturgy for over a year.

Women are being ravaged, people murdered and kidnapped. Archdeacon Emanuel Youkhana of the Assyrian Church of the East, said that

We are witnessing another Arab country losing its Christian Assyrian minority. When it happened in Iraq nobody believed Syria’s turn would come. Christian Assyrians are fleeing massively from threats, kidnappings, rapes and murders. Behind the daily reporting about bombs there is an ethno-religious cleansing taking place, and soon Syria can be emptied of its Christians.

Tons of Christians are leaving Syria, as the Hebrews left Egypt. The Syrian patriarch referred to it as a “great exodus taking place in silence.”

We are going back to the days of El Hakim, the Muslim leader of the 11th century who destroyed thirty thousand churches in Egypt. The church was kept in constant poverty on account of heavy taxes; no Christian was allowed to ride on any animal save a donkey or mule, and even the saddles were to be given a distinguishable mark. Every Christian was to place on his door the wooden image of an ape, dog, or devil. No public prayers were allowed to be given, all crosses were forbidden (the Left here would love such edicts), and like weeds in a luscious field, minarets sprouted and churches were burnt down. And as the Nazis forced every Jew under the Third Reich to put on a yellow patch of the Star of David, so did the Muslim make every Christian wear a patch.

On one afternoon of June in 1320, mosques throughout Egypt were observing the Friday prayers, and in multiple congregations men arose and cried out “God [Allah] is great! God is great! O my brethren, let us go forth and destroy the churches!” In Cairo the same rallying cry was heard in three places at the same moment. It was a calculated plot, the conspirators understood the easily shaken conscious of the masses, and it worked sufficiently to rouse the mob to violence. The attacked the church of Zehry, and not one stone of the santurary was left upon another.

They then raided and ruined the church of St. Mena in the Hamra quarter. The mob broke through the Church of the Maiden, took out every nun and stripped them all naked, plundered the church of its valuables and then set it on fire. The same rabble destroyed another 56 churches and countless convents. A crowed rushed to the sultan and screamed “Let there be no faith except that of Islam! God protect the faith of Mohammad! O thou commander of the faithful, help us against the infidels. No favour to the Christians!” The sultan unwillingly acquiesced to the wants of the masses just as Pilot had done, and the crowed was ecstatic at such freedom given to them. The details of the violence is left only to our imagination, but we know that they ferociously reduced the Christians into servility, with any Christian caught wearing a white turban or riding a horse swiftly put to death.

We are entering into these same evils of the past. The Egyptian government and people are using, and will continue to use, false tragedies to cause violence against Christians. In Quena, eight Christian homes and businesses were attacked; buildings and cars were put to the flame and the church of Abu Fam was desecrated. The reason? A false charge a Muslim girl was sexually assaulted by a Christian.

Michael Farag and Michael Shaker, both Copts, have been sentenced to three years in prison for supposedly attacking soldiers and military vehicles, and for inciting violence, but this is all a false charge to make Christians appear as enemies of the state.

One gang actually hijacked a church and made it into a drug den with any police intervention. A woman named Nadia Mohamed Ali and her seven children were imprisoned for converting to Christianity.

Libya is turning into an anarchical country, thanks to the conspiring of jihadists, Obama, NATO, and other Western countries. Just take a look at this video:

Obama has been a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and has thus undermined the freedoms which the Islamists have been taking away in the Middle East. It is a Leftist Islamic alliance made to destroy Christianity. As I show in my book, For God or For Tyranny, the Left’s philosophy is not radically different from Islam, but really quite parallel.

Hegel, a philosopher quite popular amongst the Left, described Islam as

the Revolution of the East, which destroyed all particularity and dependence, and perfectly cleared up and puri- fied the soul and disposition; making the abstract One [Allah] the absolute object of attention and devotion, and to the same extent, pure subjective consciousness the Knowledge of this One [Allah] alone the only aim of reality.

Friedrich Nietzsche, another prophet of the progressives, wrote in his The Antichrist:

If Islam despises Christianity, it has a thousand-fold right to do so: Islam at least assumes that it is dealing with men…Christianity destroyed for us the whole harvest of ancient civi- lization, and later it also destroyed for us the whole harvest of Mohammedan civilization.

This Antichrist spirit is alive and well; its amongst the Left in the West, and in the Muslim world of the East. Both sides have come together to destroy the only beacon of Light on the earth: the Church.