Mission to Rescue Ryan Stanton

** Update: Mission Success! ** Watch This Video:


Ryan Stanton is a sixteen year-old boy who was falsely accused of Blasphemy under Pakistan Law section 295-C on 10th October, 2012. Immediately upon the breaking news of this case, our Pakistan partners contacted us about the possibility of us helping which we immediately agreed to. Just after the news broke, a Muslim mob was hatching its plans to find him and probably murder him before the police had a chance to arrest him. The Christian community reached out to our brothers in Pakistan and before the police arrived our people in Pakistan rescued him. Within thirty minutes of getting off the phone with me (Keith Davies Executive Director Rescue Christians) our partners reached the house and they moved them overnight to a safer location in Karachi. The next day, early in the morning they moved them to Hyderabad which is 150 KM away from Karachi. On October 10, 2012 At 10:30 A.M a Muslim mob ransacked Ryan Stanton’s home and burned everything that the family possessed. Our people only just managed to rescue the family before the mob arrived; it was a miracle.

The case was reported on the national news in Pakistan. Over a period of three months they kept the family moving from one location to the next.

Our people in Pakistan provided them safe homes with the resources provided by Rescue Christians. This was a very dangerous situation for our people as they were both hiding Ryan and his family from the Government authorities and from the Radical extremists. Two of the banned Islamic Groups announced their Fatwa against Ryan Stanton. On January 25th the search by the police and the extremists intensified and we knew that we had to move Ryan out of the country as quickly as possible. Ryan had been put on the “ATC” (Anti Terrorist Court), (how upside down is that?) and searches and interrogations of Ryan’s relatives was now happening. His relatives clueless about Ryan and his family’s whereabouts which was good for both them and our people.

It was really a very disturbing situation for us. However, we decided that we will do whatever it takes to get him out of the country.

We were able to secure the ability through private negotiations to discretely have Ryan taken out of Pakistan. Our people in Pakistan requested the resources to fly Ryan out and quickly we sent the money to acquire the necessary airline tickets and assets for travel. We could not have done this unless we had the generous support by our donors in the USA and around the world.

Ryan is now safe in a non-Muslim country and we hope to secure refugee status for him over the next few months.

There is much detail to this story we have had to leave out, mainly for the security of our people in Pakistan but also because we will need to replay this type of rescue effort over and over again. If we expose exactly how we secured Ryan’s freedom we would compromise future efforts. One day however it would definitely make a good movie.

Again we would would like to thank all those people who gave what they could afford to support this holy mission and to please ask you to continue to support these continuing efforts.

Our Internet ecommerce is down at the moment (hope to have back up in about a week) you can call us to make donations at 1-877-832-7200.