Alharbi not the only Saudi being Deported?

As the controversy over the alleged deportation of Saudi National Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi after the Boston marathon bombings continues, it appears that there is another Saudi national who may be deported. However, unlike Al-Harbi, we don’t yet know this one’s name.

Via the Daily Caller:

Denying reports that the Saudi national initially considered a “person of interest” following the Boston Marathon bombing is set to be deported, a senior law enforcement official told The Daily Caller Thursday that a different Saudi national, unrelated to the bombing, is in ICE custody.

According to the official, the person in custody is not the Saudi national who was questioned and later deemed to be a witness following the bombings.

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ICE is looking into deportation for the individual they have in custody, but no date has been set.

The official stressed that the Saudi national they have in custody is in no way related to the Marathon investigation.

Is there a reason for withholding the name of someone who is being deported from our country? Doesn’t a crime have to be committed in order for someone to be deported?

If so, don’t we have a right to know the name?


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