Is CNN ‘Expert’ Complicit in Murder Cover-up?

Ben Barrack

When CNN turned to Juliette Kayyem as an expert who was qualified to report on the manhunt for two Muslim Chechens wanted for the Boston marathon bombings, it didn’t just elevate a Muslim apologist; it elevated someone – evidence strongly suggests – involved in the coverup of a murder at the hands of the Feds in 1997.

First, let’s take a look at the apparent bias of Ms. Kayyem.

Hours after Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been killed and identified, Kayyem had an exchange with CNN’s Jake Tapper that included this:

TAPPER: Just to underline the point you’re making. You are not suggesting anything other than the fact — other than questioning how big this network is. It certainly seems as though these individuals are Islamic terrorists.

KAYYEM: Well, yes. But that’s — those are two separate words at this stage, beucase I think after 9/11 we have this fear of tying a Muslim with terrorism. We shouldn’t do that.

Aside from the fact that Tapper was quite aware that ‘Islamic’ and ‘terrorists’ are two separate words, Kayyem was obviously running interference for these jihadists. She did so after having plenty of time to do research on Tamerlan. For example, she apparently didn’t pay a visit to his YouTube channel.

Someone whom Tamerlan appears to have revered is Shaykh Feiz Mohammed, a radical Islamic cleric from Australia who has a long history of radical rhetoric. Tamerlan’s YouTube Channel has at least two videos of Feiz. Here is one of Tamerlan’s prized videos of Feiz, where the latter spends five minutes ripping Harry Potter:

Here is a lengthier video of Feiz that Tamerlan liked enough to distribute on his YouTube channel.

Here is another video of Feiz in which he calls for the beheading of Geert Wilders:

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Feiz is not an unknown entity or an obscure Muslim Sheikh. He is well known and Kayyem is certainly aware of him. If she’s not, she was not prepared to be the expert CNN touted her as being. In her exchange with Tapper, she seemed more interested in running interference for Islam than in reporting the truth.

Incidentally, in an article written by Leslie Savan, she alleges that Tapper made such an unintelligent statement because he was tired.

Via The Nation:

Jake Tapper had been up all night covering the manhunt in Boston for CNN, so maybe that explains why he seemed to rush to judgment when he said of the bombing suspects: “It certainly seems these two are Islamic terrorists.”

Savan followed that up by praising Kayyem for pointing out that ‘Islamic’ and ‘terrorists’ are actually two separate words.

Sheer genius, isn’t it?

Another article that referenced one of the CNN expert’s appearances highlighted a blatant lie from Kayyem.

Via IBD:

The network’s homeland security analyst, Juliette Kayyem, asserted: “We have not had (even) a small-scale terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.”

Really?? The article went on to cite multiple examples, all of which were obviously lost on Kayyem, to include the jihadist attack at Fort Hood.

In another exchange at CNN on April 19th, Kayyem compared the Islamic Chechens to – you guessed it – Timothy McVeigh, a professed agnostic whose religion was “science”.

KAYYEM: Right. And those — that kind of terrorism can occur whether it’s international or domestic, Tim McVeigh had one or two cohorts and not much else. And I know that’s hard for people to think as we do think about things as big conspiracies. But that sometimes doesn’t happen.

When in doubt, leftists and Muslim apologists just love to whip out the Timothy McVeigh card. Unfortunately for them, McVeigh’s belief system was more on par with that of Meathead and Al Gore.

Speaking of the Oklahoma City bombing, that makes a nice segue to Kayyem’s apparent involvement in the coverup of a murder.

Yes, there is a paper trail.

In 1997, Kayyem was more than just a little familiar with the bizarre circumstances surrounding the death of Kenneth Michael Trentadue, who died in a federal prison in 1995. For years, the Medical Examiner refused to rule the death a suicide. On October 1, 1997, Kayyem sent an email and referred to the ‘Trentadue mission’ as being “like coordinating the invasion of Normandy”. She also made reference to ‘Eric’s schedule’, presumably a reference to then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder.


Trentadue was picked up in San Diego for a parole violation in August of 1995, a few months after the Oklahoma City bombing. He was sent to the Federal Transport Center (FTC) in Oklahoma after authorities determined that his vehicle, tattoo, height, weight, build, etc. seemed to match the description of John Doe #2.

Unfortunately for Trentadue, he didn’t live long after arriving at the FTC. He suffered a brutal death that the Feds wanted ruled a suicide. Here is a photo of Trentadue’s body:


On October 10, 1997, just nine days after Kayyem’s email about the ‘Trentadue mission’, Senate Judiciary Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT) answered questions about the case. It was apparent that Hatch thought there was a coverup:

Note: Despite the fact that Hatch was visibly disgusted at the many questions surrounding Trentadue’s death, he voted to confirm Eric Holder as Attorney General in 2009, even after Jesse Trentadue sent a letter to Judiciary chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) that was replete with attachments that should have prevented Holder from so much as sniffing such a position.

Fred Jordan, the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner was the Feds’ main obstacle to ruling the death a suicide and closing the case. For years, Jordan insisted that Trentadue’s death should be ruled a homicide; the Feds wanted him to rule the death a suicide. The Feds and Oklahoma’s ME were at an impasse. Someone would blink first.

J.D. Cash – a reporter for the McCurtain Daily Gazette at the time – relayed the circumstances leading up to that moment:

“…Jordan would not budge as long as the FBI and the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) attempted to pressure him. That all changed after the Oklahoma County District Attorney Bob Macy intervened. Shortly after Macy took over, Jordan ruled the death a suicide.” – Unsung Davids, pp. 249-250

Here is a news report from a local Oklahoma Fox affiliate on July 3, 1997 in which Jordan was interviewed. This was nearly three months before Kayyem’s email was sent regarding ‘the Trentadue mission’ and about one year prior to Jordan backing down (video starts at about the :25 mark):

Today, as Cliff Kincaid points out, Kayyem is advocating for cable providers to offer Al Jazeera to its consumers, which leads to one very simple question: Why would a former Assistant Secretary at the DHS and homeland security advisor to the Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who as allegedly an expert on Al-Qaeda promote giving a platform to an entity that shares Al-Qaeda’s objectives?

That makes about as much sense as covering up a murder, doesn’t it?


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