Video: Obama pleads ignorance about reports of threats to Benghazi Whistleblowers

Fox News’ Ed Henry asked Barack Obama about charges from Benghazi whistleblowers that they are being ‘blocked’ from telling their stories by State Department officials. Obama’s response?

He doesn’t know anything about the charges.

Via Weekly Standard:

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That doesn’t square with the accounts of at least four whistleblowers, according to an attorney representing those whistleblowers. Her name is Victoria Toensing and she is a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General who used to provide counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In this exchange between Toensing and Fox News Channel’s Martha McCallum, Toensing is visibly disturbed by the reality she and those whistleblowers are facing. Toensing makes a pretty ironclad case at the end of this clip, that the administration is lying about being unaware of these threats, which only lends further credence to those whistleblowers:

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