Video: Benghazi Whistle-Blower says Obama Administration lied (ARB Report fraudulent)

The implications of the claims of this whistle-blower are potentially game-changing. According to individuals with firsthand knowledge of what went down in Benghazi, the claims made by the Accountability Review Board (ARB), which was established by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and headed by Admiral Mike Mullen and Ambassador Thomas Pickering, may be demonstrably fraudulent.

Via GWP:

If the whistle-blower in that video is telling the truth (what motivation would he have to put himself in so much danger for a lie?), it necessarily means that Mullen and Pickering may have put forth a fraudulent report.

If and when that is determined, what would their excuse be?

We were just following orders?

Here is an excerpt from a press briefing with Mullen and Pickering shortly after the release of the ARB’s report:

When you take into account that Hillary – someone with a vested interest in the truth not coming out about Benghazi if it would harm her – established the ARB, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the conflict of interest. Therefore, the odds that Mullen and Pickering are being untruthful would seem more likely than the aforementioned whistle-blower.

That leads to an appearance Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) made on the Fox News Channel on April 27th. Take note of what he says at about the 2:15 mark:

“…there’s a reason we don’t let kids grade their own papers in school and there’s a reason we don’t let defendants sentence themselves in court, and the State Department should not be the ones investigating whether or not the State Department did a good job. It should be Congress and it’s going to be Congress, very shortly.”

That said, watch it all. If Gowdy is right, Mullen and Pickering should give serious consideration to coming clean before someone does it for them. Putting forth a fraudulent report about how four Americans were murdered is a very, very serious crime.

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