Video: Tyrone Woods’ father putting false hope in Elijah Cummings’ Sincerity

During an interview on Hannity, Charles Woods – the father of former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, who was murdered in Benghazi on 9/11/12 – was asked about his reaction to the claim by Oversight Committee’s ranking member that ‘death is a part of life’. In response to questions about Cummings, Woods appeared to trust that the ranking member of the Oversight Committee (a Democrat) is actually interested in justice being done.

Said Woods in his interview with Hannity:

“…the first thing that I did when the hearings were over with, I went up and I shook the hands of Congressman Cummings, who is the Democratic leader and I thanked him for the spirit of cooperation that we saw today.”

Here is the interview, via NRO:

Hannity also asked Charles Woods about this portion of a sincere sounding Cummings at yesterday’s hearing:

Unfortunately for Mr. Woods, when it comes to the track record of Elijah Cummings’ expressions of sincerity matching his actions, we’re talking about two entirely different – actually opposite – things. When it comes to Cummings, protecting the Democratic Party is far more important.

At least, that’s what his behavior has demonstrated.

Like Charles Woods, a woman named Josephine Terry lost a son. His name was Brian Terry and he was a Border Patrol agent who was murdered on December 14, 2010. Two weapons that were intentionally allowed to be given to Mexican drug cartels by the ATF – in an Operation known as Fast and Furious – were found at the scene.

As is the case in Benghazi, the details of Fast and Furious – if exposed – would do great damage to the Obama administration. Elijah Cummings – a registered member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) caucus – would fight tooth and nail to prevent the truth from coming out. He defended Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administration at every turn. Not only did he opposed holding Holder in Contempt of Congress but the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) to which he belonged walked out during the vote.

All of this belies any sincerity that Cummings portrays. That he does it so effectively is truly despicable.

Here is audio of Cummings on June 15, 2011 at a Fast and Furious hearing in which Josephine Terry and whistleblower John Dodson testified. First, here is Cummings essentially lying to Terry but doing it with sincerity:

Here is an exchange from that same hearing, between Cummings and Dodson. The contents of this exchange are also similar to what happened at yesterday’s Benghazi hearing (remember, Hicks talked about being demoted for speaking up). Listen as Cummings tries to focus on why Dodson allowed guns to walk. Dodson’s response was lost on the registered socialist. That response was that if he questioned his superiors, there would be retribution:


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