Pack of Lone Wolves arrested for Beheading of British Soldier now at Ten

Lone Wolf = a person who prefers to live, act, or work alone or independent of others.

In a sane world, the arrest of ten Muslims for the beheading of a British soldier named Lee Rigby would constitute something other than a murder at the hands of a ‘lone wolf’. Then again, who said we’re living in a sane world?

Welcome to the land of ten lone wolves who travel in the same pack.

Via BBC:

A tenth suspect has been arrested in connection with the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

The 50-year-old man was arrested in Welling, south-east London, on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.

Police also confirmed an address in south-east London is being searched.

Four of those arrested have been bailed, two released without charge and four remain in custody over the killing on Wednesday.

Two suspects, Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22 – both Britons of Nigerian descent who are understood to be converts to Islam – remain in custody in hospital in a stable condition after being shot and wounded by police at the scene after the killing.

Memo to the PC Whack jobs… A pack of lone wolves is a pack of wolves.


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