Limbaugh Theorem or Self-fulfilling Prophecy?

There is a school of thought that says the Barack Obama administration will continue to be allowed to operate with reckless abandon, escaping any and all accountability for one, primary reason – the president’s race. The so-called ‘white guilt’ of Americans will lead to misery for a nation unwilling to hold accountable, a president that just so happens to be black.

It’s the blind spot of Obama’s defenders; they have given the president a blank check of trust. He can do no wrong in their eyes. The problem is that Obama knows this… and he’s been exploiting it for years. Barack Obama understands both white guilt and the entitlement mentality. As a consequence, he has neutralized those who are inclined to hold him accountable and empowered those who will fight tooth and nail to keep government largesse coming their way (isn’t it amazing how hard the lazy will work when they put their minds to it?).

In fact, this dynamic is so powerful that conservative talk show giant Rush Limbaugh has essentially conceded defeat.

On his radio show, Rush Limbaugh had the following to say about the latest NSA scandal:

Now they’re finding out that all he did was build on it. There are a lot of disillusioned people out there, but nothing’s gonna come of it, folks, because of race. I told you — and look, I don’t mean to sound like a See, I Told You So. I just know that there are a lot of people who are still waiting for the smoking gun or something that is gonna cause the low-information to wake up. There are still people dreaming for the sake of the country’s future we have got to remove Obama from office. It just isn’t gonna happen, and it’s not gonna happen in large part because of race. I think that the opportunity still exists and the focus of attention ought to be this is what you get with liberals. This is what you get with liberalism or Democrats if you want, but this kind of big government, this kind of overreach, this kind of insecurity, this kind of violation of privacy, this is exactly what you get. This is who liberals are. That, to me, needs to be the message.

Some will say this is Limbaugh’s interpretation of “real-ville”, that he is just telling it like it is and that we shouldn’t attack the messenger.

The problem is that whether Limbaugh is right (he might be) or wrong (he could be), his message is deflationary, not inspiring. This country has endured more than four years of the Obama administration and in many ways, it’s miraculous that America has survived him. The problem is that there are barely less than four years to go if Limbaugh is right.

In one breath, Limbaugh will tell his listeners that Obama is the problem. In the next breath, he will say Americans will have to suffer him, that there is no recourse; impeachment and conviction is a pipe dream. In one breath, he’ll wonder whether America can survive Obama. In the next breath, he’ll concede Obama will serve out his entire second term.

Then, right after extinguishing your hopes – however faint – that justice may be served one day, Limbaugh tells you that the best chance to win the day is to point to all of it and say, “That’s liberalism for you. We tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen” (paraphrase).

To equate Limbaugh’s strategy to that of a fireman, the best thing to do is to let the guy’s house burn completely down to teach him not to smoke in bed.

If that sounds like a lose/lose proposition, it is.

Limbaugh is going on defense and he is coming precariously close to a self-fulfilling prophecy. He prides himself on being right 98.whatever percent of the time. Yet, he’s so fixated on his ‘Limbaugh theorem’ – which says that no matter how bad Obama’s policies are, Obama will never be blamed for them – that he seems more intent on proving it unequivocally than in doing the more important work of disproving it. We are talking about the man who penned a book entitled, The Way things Ought to be, right?

Right now, Malik Obama, the head of the Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), is the Executive Secretary of the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), which is an arm of the Sudanese government. Malik received preferential, expeditious, retroactive, and illegal customer service from Lois Lerner, whose signature is at the bottom of a document that grants BHOF tax-exempt status in the form of a 501(c)(3).

As an agent of the Sudanese government, Malik is supporting a genocidal regime but it’s not just any genocidal regime; it’s one that has slaughtered millions of black Africans.

Why should ‘white guilt’ preclude Americans from holding Obama accountable when the president’s half-brother, who was the beneficiary of Lois Lerner’s gratuitous deference, is working for a regime that is not only void of guilt but continues to slaughter?

Any ‘white guilt’ should be the result of not speaking out against the regime Barack Obama’s brother works for.

Perhaps it’s time for Rush to go on offense.


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