Lois Lerner’s Absence of White Guilt over Sudan

There are several ways to describe the term ‘white guilt’ but this is perhaps the best and most succinct definition:

White guilt is the individual or collective guilt often said to be felt by some white people for the racist treatment of people of color by whites both historically and presently.

The left knows this is the achilles heel of otherwise principled men, which is why the ‘race card’ is so often played. In fact, white guilt is so insidious that it has helped to protect America’s ‘first black’ president (Bill Clinton notwithstanding) from accountability. As Rush Limbaugh points out, grassroots conservatives are unafraid of being called ‘racists’ but it’s the elected officials and many leftists that wilt in the face of a reckless president, not because they don’t think he’s reckless but because white guilt precludes them from stopping it.

Such neutered politicians must start going on offense and start asking one very simple question:

Where is Lois Lerner’s sense of white guilt over what she has unleashed with her signature?

Consider the case of the President’s half-brother, Malik Obama. He works for an organization that is essentially an arm of the Sudanese Government – the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO). As such, Malik works for an organization that is overseen by Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir, who was indicted on March 4, 2009 by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on seven counts relating to crimes against humanity; Bashir is responsible for the slaughter and displacement of millions of innocent people.

Virtually. All. Of. Al-Bashir’s. Victims. Have. Been. Black.

Malik Obama is the Executive Secretary within al-Bashir’s IDO and received expeditious, preferential, retroactive, and illegal tax-exempt status for his Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF), courtesy of Lois Lerner at the IRS.

Where is Lois Lerner’s white guilt? As a white woman, she is likely an accessory to terror-funding. Worse, she is likely an accessory to aiding and abetting the head of a terror state who has exterminated or destroyed countless black lives.

Here is a short video about the mercenaries sent by al-Bashir into Darfur. They are known as “Janjaweed” or “Devil on Horseback”.

*Disclaimer* Do not take out posting of this video as an endorsement of this group. We have not researched them but the video is well done.

Here is an excerpt from a 1994 State Department document (Clinton administration) that details Sudan’s human rights abuses:

Chaired by Bashir, the RCC nominally ruled Sudan until it dissolved itself in October (1993), appointing Bashir President of the Republic and transferring to him most of its powers. Even prior to the RCC’s dissolution, real power rested with the Head of State, Bashir, a few other military officers, and above all the National Islamic Front (NIF), headed by Hassan al-Turabi.

As we’ve written, Turabi collaborated with the masterminds of both World Trade Center attacks (the “Blind Sheikh” and Osama bin Laden).

Northern Muslims, who form a majority of about 16 million, have traditionally dominated the Government. Most southern ethnic groups want independence, or, at a minimum, the right to self-determination.

From the same report…

There are credible reports that in 1993 government security forces beat and tortured to death detainees. According to one such report, retired Brigadier Camillo Odong N. Loyuk was chained by his wrists and testicles to the bars of his cell window and beaten until he died.

It would appear that those who should be consumed most with white guilt are the ones who are most devoid of it.


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