Is Jesus Anti-War (Rand Paul’s Schizophrenic God)?

By Walid Shoebat

Making the case against excessive American engagement overseas, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) reminded social conservatives Thursday that Jesus was anti-war.

“I can recall no utterance of Jesus in favor of war or any acts of aggression,” Paul said at a kickoff luncheon for the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. “In fact, his message to his disciples was one of non-resistance.”

Jesus, all of the sudden is anti-war? And the disciples’ non-resistance to the arrest of Jesus is now to be applied to every conflict under the sun, including the Middle East?

I beg to differ. We have become sick indeed.

We always say that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Then we say that God changed His mind in the New Testament, that all of the killing in the Old Testament is just that – old and never to be repeated or emulated.

We then write essays, books and ponderous sermons on the subject, quoting love verses, talk of progressive revelations and how the age of grace changed everything. I hear it all the time; the moment a liberal condemns the Old Testament as violent, we quickly respond with “but this is in the Old Testament”, that after the advent of Christianity, we “live in the age of grace, not war”.

So even history that involves the conquistadors, who converted the heart-plucking Mayans were all of the sudden bad. The cowboys and Indians I watched during my childhood is now bad, and the head scalping savage Native American all of the sudden was the good guy because he gave us turkey in November.

In today’s church, God loves everyone including heretics, pedophiles, sodomites, lesbians, murderers, rapists, child molesters, drug pushers and every mutant from the pit of hell – except the legalist. God forbid you discuss the Jewish Torah. Today’s Jesus came as an equal opportunity lover of every sexual perversion from Sodom to Pompeii. He runs a surfing ministry and has no problems with tattoos, nose rings, tongue rings, belly-button rings and eyebrow rings. Then, through the megachurch industry and Christian TV, we export this Jesus to every continent in the name of evangelism, spreading the infection to poor third world countries.

Then we find Jesus in the Book of Revelation busting the myth, coming to thresh the winepress with the wrath of His anger, His garments are drenched in blood after He has a killing fest in which vultures consume human flesh which lays in abundance on the fields of battle, all written in the New Testament. Yes, the New Testament. Perhaps we should aspire to redo the canon and move all of this into the Old Testament, maybe even blame it on the Jews.

Then again, that would seem to pose a problem with what is at the end of Revelation? You know, the part about not removing words from it? [Revelation 22:19]

With Revelation, God then becomes the same yesterday—not the same today—and then will be the same as He was yesterday all over again, but only when He returns.

The most major discovery of mine when I read the Bible in 1993 was that Yahweh is not the schizophrenic Allah but when I entered the American church, He all of a sudden became schizophrenic, flip-flopping between war and peace.

Schizophrenics are identified when their God becomes schizophrenic.

God never changed His mind; Rand Paul is schizophrenic and is infecting millions of churchgoers in America. All this progressive theology happened only recently, reviving an old Waldensian heresy that killing is wrong in all instances. Just War was always part of Church doctrine. Even after the New Testament, the Church still believed in Just War. Savage tyrannies were still fought just as they were in the days of Israel. Yes, there were mistakes made, but just review Israel and see how many confessed mistakes they had.

Liberals inflate the mistakes and write manuals on the issues while they elevate the greatest butchers in history.

For example, take Babur, founder of the Muslim Mughal Empire, which consisted of India, Pakistan, and much of Asia. At no time in history can anything match the numbers, horror or evil with an estimated seventy to eighty million victims of butchery that was absent modern military technology. This history is dealt with by collective denial in the West, where pundits and orientalists romanticize such evil. Babur had the greatest obsession with skulls and human sacrifice. Western orientalist Robert Irwin describes the works of Babur thusly:

“This is one of the classics of world literature… Writing poetry, together with fighting, hunting and eating fruit was to remain a lifelong enthusiasm.”

They never expose Babur’s uncontrollable desire for pederasty and his obsession for heads. Instead they discuss how he traveled to discover the best tasting cantaloupes. People gobble up all of the revisionist history and all they know about Babur is his love for cantaloupes, about Indians, well, they gave us turkey.

The American Christian who boasts of having the greatest freedom to access knowledge in reality is the least knowledgeable.

Why? It is because knowledge is something that is sought, not something that is simply fed to the apathetic. Daily, Americans turn on their televisions and smartphones, wanting to be fed a steady diet of mindless dreck. In fact, this is exactly what they say when they go to church “we want to be fed”. Christ wants Christians to feed the ignorant and not eat from the ignorant. Christians are seekers of truth and gatherers of wisdom.

So why were Christians of old so rigid?

Here is why, and here is the crux of the whole issue. It is summed up in one word—HERESY.

The whole story of the Old Testament wars was about paganism and heresy. Nothing changed when Christendom arrived. The Church tolerated much heresy until it threatened human survival. When heresy threatened humanity, the Church annihilated the heretic. To them, the heretic was the leaven Jesus spoke about. Darwin, had we had the Church of yesteryears, would have been burned at the stake and we would have saved humanity from countless destructions.

Heretics – when in power and dominant – always end up massacring Christians and Jews, the people of the Book. Even in America, heretics were never tolerated. When Joseph Smith came up with the Mormon heresy, America issued an order to exterminate. Historian Alvin Schmidt, in his greatest book, The American Muhammad writes:”…Smith, apparently influenced by his reading about the life of Muhammad and his successful use of the sword, to think his followers could also win by using the sword. This helps explain why he, in front of several hundred Mormons, in the town of Far West gave his confrontational speech on October 14, 1838. In it he angrily proclaimed he would be ‘a second Mohammed’.”:

“[I]f they come on to us to molest us, we will establish our religion by the sword. We will trample down our enemies and make one gore of blood from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. I will be to this generation a second Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was ‘the Alcoran or the Sword.’ So shall it eventually be with us — Joseph Smith or the Sword (p.p 39-40)

The second Muhammad of the United States was finally crushed. Today, heretics like Glenn Beck revere Mormon history while being accepted by top evangelical leaders because, well, “conservatism” has become the new idol.

One brother named Saiid Rabiipour shared a verse on my facebook page, trying to awaken my American friends. He quoted John 10:10:

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

But who is this “thief”? “The thief” is the heretic. Today, everyone asks what went wrong in America. All seem to echo in unison, “tolerance and political correctness”.

Well, not exactly; it’s the tolerance of HERESY.

Today, we accept heretics while ignoring that historically, heresy always begets tyranny. How can we render Moses obsolete when he cleansed the Israelites in Sinai from heretics? This wasn’t exclusively the Old Testament era. Destroying heresy continued well into the Church age when the Catholics wiped out the Cathars and the Albigensians.

In order to claim the church Christ built was always in existence, most protestant and evangelical apologists claim that the Albigensians, Waldenses and Cathars were the true Church.

If such heretics were the true church, why did the Nazis adore them? Alfred Rosenberg, the head ideologue of Nazism wrote in The Myth of the 20th Century:

“If it is clear now that it was the most purely Nordic Germanic states, peoples and tribes which most consistently and resolutely defended themselves against the assault on everything organic by Roman [Catholic] ecumenical conformism, then we shall be able to see that even before the great victorious awakening of those forces from the hypnotic influence of Rome and the Levant, there was an heroic struggle in progress directly linked to the still pagan Teutons. The history of the Albigensians, Waldenses, Cathars, Arnoldists, Stedingers, Huguenots, the reformed church and the Lutherans, as well as of the martyrs of free inquiry and the heroes of Nordic philosophy, draws an impressive picture of a gigantic contest for character values, those prerequisites of soul and spirit without the assertion of which there could have been neither European nor national culture.” (Alfred Rosenberg, 1.1)

The Nazis believed similarly to Cathars. They identified the God of the Old Testament as a warlike God and separated Him from the non-warring New Testament God. Today’s American ‘Christians’ are so ever closer to this heresy.

This heresy is slowly creeping into the American circles, not as two separate gods like the Cathars did but that God has made null and void Old Testament laws regarding war and that anyone who espouses this is all of the sudden legalist. After this article is posted, so-called American Christians will comment with half-truths and single verses like “don’t judge” and “damn you, Jesus taught love”.

Christianity has always believed in Just War. How else did we destroy the greatest heretic of our time, the Nazi? Hitler too, separated the God of the Old Testament from the New. He referred to the conquest of Jericho by Joshua as an “uninterrupted mass murder of bestial cruelty and shameless rapacity and cold-blooded cunning,” a “Hell incarnate.” He referred to the Old Testament as “Satan’s Bible” or the “Book of Hate”. He considered Jesus an Aryan who went against the Jews when he drove the money-changers out of the temple and when he told them that “Your father is the devil.” *See David Redles, Hitler’s Millennial Reich*

Hitler learned from the Cathars. Have you googled the Cathars lately? These were no Apple Pies. They were THIEVES and KILLERS, the type Jesus spoke about. They murdered and tortured clergymen, took catholic men and women, cut their hands and feet and mutilated the breasts of the women. The Cathar leader Raymond IV of Toulouse had even appealed to the Sultan of Morocco to come to Europe and destroy the Catholic Church. The Paulicians, who were really Armenian Cathars, had fought in the ranks of the Muslims against the Crusaders during the First Crusade.

Do you think that tolerating the Cathars was the right thing to do?

The Cathars then are your Muslims of today.

When Hosni Mubarak hanged Muslim Brotherhood you cried out foul. “Bad boy, Hosni.” “Stop it, Hosni. You dictator.”

Here you had a secularist Muslim who kept your heretics in check. Yet, you New Tesatment Christians act as if you knew what you were doing while ignoring the greatest persecutor of Christians in the Muslim world today – Omar al-Bashir of Sudan.

How many American pastors are sounding the horn, demanding that this tyrannical heretic be brought to justice?

Islam started by denying the Trinity. Well, no big deal, it’s just another view on God. After all, Glenn Beck is a Mormon and is a nice guy. Really? Here is a study on what that guy has in mind and what he truly plans to do. To all Beck lovers, go ahead hate the messengers – us:

Read about the guy whom most of you love and proclaim as “Christian”. Find out what he wants with the Temple, Islam, etc.

Islam, like Mormonism, is a heresy that denies the Trinity. The first mistake Americans make when they look at Islam is that they think it’s just another religion. No, it is a Christian heresy. When Christ says that THE THIEF COMES TO KILL, he comes to kill us both spiritually and physically, chop you up, shoot you, burn your home, steal and rape your wife and daughters and enslave your children.


In the East, it is easy to understand what Jesus says here, but in the West, God help them.

My mother, God bless her, when I was a child, she could never read the Bible to me. She did not have one but she was a stealthy woman. Every night, she would read the same bedtime story. It was Little Red Riding Hood. It’s perhaps the best interpretation of a verse in John (10:10) I have ever heard. Americans are better off studying the Little Red Riding Hood story than they are listening to any of these modern preachers who preach wealth and prosperity to only help the pockets of deceivers. The wolf knocked at the door: tap, tap.

“Who’s there?”

“Your grandchild, Little Red Riding Hood,” replied the wolf, counterfeiting her voice; “who has brought you a cake and a little pot of butter sent you by mother.”

The good grandmother, who was in bed, because she was somewhat ill, cried out, “Pull the bobbin, and the latch will go up.”

The wolf pulled the bobbin, and the door opened, and then he immediately fell upon the good woman and ate her up in a moment

The story is about how the wolf deceives. He says he is one of your own when he is not.

I love brother Saiid Rabiipour who is a facebook friend. Perhaps I can plug his book since he is so modest. It’s called TRAPPED IN IRAN. Trapped in Iran does not mean that he lost his heart in San Francisco. It does not mean that he was singing Tehran, My Kind of Town. It’s about how he escaped them heretics, the Ayatollahs of Iran. How He found Christ in a place that the thief wanted to KILL HIM, literally.

Hope you all read it, it’s an eye opener.


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