Pakistan: A Christian Family plundered, Father abducted and tortured by Muslim Mob

From Vine of Life:

OP has been informed by LEAD that 30 armed Muslim extremists attacked a poor Christian family and illegally took cattle belonging to them. The victims are residents of the village Jago Key Ghuman, near Chak No. 45 Pariana Pattoki, Kasur.

The distressed victims contacted Advocate Sardar Mushtaq Gill- National Director of LEAD asking for legal and moral support and the recovery of the stolen cattle. They also asked for the return of other belongings they had taken from the family.

The victim, Bashir Masih revealed that,

“On May 15,2013, armed Muslims forced their way into my house and took three Buffalo valued at nearly Rs.425000 (Approximately US$ 4250) and one motor bike valued at Rs.30000 (Approximately US$ 300).”

The mob not only looted their cattle and belongings, but abducted Bashir Masih and kept him captive, severely torturing him for many days. The aggressors threatened the victimized family, while using vulgar remarks about their women.

Bashir Masih went on to reveal that the following day, May 16,2013- Sugran Bibi went to the local Police Station of Serai Mughal to register a complaint against the perpetrators. However, the SHO Serai Mughal was reluctant to take action against the Muslims, as a result refused to register her complaint. The accused are said to be influential people of the area, and Landlords (Land owners) of the Village.

In retaliation, a false FIR (report) bearing NO.136/13 was filed by the accused Muslims, on May 19,2013 against Bashir Masih trying to intimidate the victims from pressing charges against them. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the victims contacted the local political leaders who showed unwillingness to help them, or get involved in the matter.

After several days of intense mental torment, an FIR bearing NO.155/13 was finally registered against the transgressors on May 31,2013. Though a report has been made, the Police are hesitant to arrest the culprits. They have done nothing for the recovery of the Christians stolen belongings. At this point, Bashir Masih had already been released by the abductors.

Bashir Masih has told LEAD’s National Director that they were frightened and fearful after the awful incident. Fear for their safety has been haunting their minds.

–As you continue to read the emotional words of Bashir in the next few sentences, please consider the extreme conditions, oppression and hardships Christians face daily in Pakistan. Most of us have not, or ever will suffer the harshness of trials that they do. For a moment, sit back and try to place yourself in their shoes. Imagine their fears, anxiety, and frustrations. Imagine being this parent of eight children wondering how he will replace what has been stolen to provide for them. Imagine wondering where you will turn next, when it seems you have reached a dead end.

”I will commit suicide if my belongings are not given back. They were my only assets which I have saved for my family. Our future is dark and no hope of any good” said Bashir.

“I have three daughters and five sons and I had planned to sell the buffalo to use for the marriages of my daughters, but now I have nothing. I went to political figures and requested they do something for getting back my belongings, but it was all in vain,” Bashir grumbled.

“We are going regularly to the leading police officials, but they also do not want to help us and are not trying to arrest them,” said Nazir Masih, brother of Bashir.

“We are not safe in Pakistan, because they who wish to torture us, do it happily with no repercussions. Even the police seem helpless to make a case of just punishment in the Court,” Bashir and Nazir cried.

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