Pakistani Christian Couple Rescued!

Martha Bibi and her husband Boota Masih are Christians from Pakistan who owned their own business; they leased and sold building equipment in their town. In January of 2007, the couple had still not received payment for equipment belonging to them which was being used by the Sher Rabbani Mosque.

When Martha went to collect the rent, not only did she leave empty-handed but she was smeared as a blasphemer, terrorized, and ultimately arrested.

An article from at the time provides some detail about what happened next:

When Martha went to ask what had happened to the building materials, she got into a fierce argument with a shop-owner near the mosque, but did not even mention religion. The woman she argued with told her husband, Mohammad Ramzan, that Martha blasphemed the prophet Muhammad. Ramzan was so enraged that he gathered his neighbors and stirred them into a frenzy to march on Martha’s home. According to Butta, “A large furious mob had assembled and marched toward our home. I had reached home by then. We requested our neighbor Muhammad Rashid Mughal to hide us in his home which they allowed.”

Accompanied and supported by police, the mob reached Butta and Martha’s house at 10:00pm. Butta’s parents decided to remain in the house while Butta and Martha hid in their neighbor’s home.

Butta said, “The fuming mob threatened my parents that our house would be gutted out if they had not handed us to them.”

Pseudo-witness accounts against Martha were in abundance as villagers came forward to accuse her of saying things she hadn’t said.

We are extremely pleased to report that after more than six years of living under the threat of death if convicted, Martha and her husband have been successfully rescued thanks to our partners in Pakistan. In this short video featuring Martha and Boota, Martha relays the details of her harrowing ordeal:

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