Anjem Choudary makes the case FOR Islamophobia; sets up IED hotline

When Michael Adebolajo beheaded British soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight, it was soon learned that Adebolajo was an acolyte of Islamic cleric Anjem Choudary, who then doubled down and wished Rigby to the ‘hellfire’. That the U.K. continues to put up with Choudary says more about the cowardice of its leaders than it does about Choudary.

When doubling down keeps working, what do you do?

Double down some more, which is exactly what Choudary is doing with the creation of an organization whose acronym (I.E.D.) is obviously an attempt to further exacerbate tensions.

Via the Huffington Post:

Extremist preacher Anjem Choudary has lent his support to a new Muslim protection group, the Islamic Emergency Defence, with an emergency phoneline to report Islamophobia.

The new organisation, which Choudary has promoted on his Twitter feed, ostensibly aims to combat Islamophobic abuse, saying “it should not be the case that Muslims are intimidated into pacifism, or adopt a silent approach in the hope that the problem will just ‘disappear’.

“Hooliganism, for want of a better word, is unfortunately, on our streets and Muslims are being systematically targeted with physical and verbal abuse.”

As is usually the case with Islamic fundamentalists, Choudary doesn’t understand what ‘phobia’ means. A phobia is an irrational fear that causes those afflicted with it to avoid the source of their fear at all costs. This begs a simple question:

Why would those who avoid Islam need to be reported?

Well, because in Choudary’s twisted mind – which should accompany the rest of him on a trip outside the country – those who have an irrational fear of Islam have apparently conquered their fear and need to be dealt with.

Again, that the U.K. is putting up with this guy says more about its Prime Minister than it does about Choudary.

In fact, if anyone in the U.K. has Islamophobia, it’s David Cameron.

Islamophobe Cameron just keeps giving Choudary a 'Thumbs Up'

Cameron just keeps giving Choudary a ‘Thumbs Up’


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