Video: The Innocence of Islamic Jihad – Full Movie

A few days ago we posted the trailer to former Pakistani Muslim Imran Firasat’s latest movie, The Innocence of Islamic Jihad. The following is a statement from Firasat, who has been fighting deportation from Spain because of pressure put on that government to have him deported.

Dear friends,

You may know that we have recently released an announcement and trailer of our upcoming movie, “The Innocence of Islamic Jihad”. We are very glad that the trailer received very good response and feedback from people around the world.

Today we proudly release the full version of the movie, which will help you gain a deeper understanding of what Islamic jihad is and how it can be defeated.

We have already said and repeat it again that none of the persons involved in this project is against Muslims. Our only purpose of making this movie is to make everyone understand true source, nature and threats of the Islamic ideology of Jihad, which affect the life and destiny of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Here is the full movie, via Mundosinislam:


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