Video: Egyptian Military confiscates camera of CNN Propagandist

While reporting from Tahrir Square, CNN correspondent propagandist tool Ben Wedeman had his camera confiscated by Egyptian military officials. See if you can sniff out the apoplexy from the female anchor back at the CNN desk.

h/t The Blaze

As for Wedeman, Egypt is on the brink of civil war and the military’s top concern is restoring order. We know that Brotherhood sympathizers are all too familiar with ginning up activity by playing for cameras. Pallywood ring any bells?

Then again, Wedeman has a history of extremely biased news reports at CNN in favor of Muslim Brotherhood groups like Hamas. We don’t have the video – it seems to have been taken down – but have posted the audio of a news report Wedeman did back in July of 2008 in the CNN report, you will hear Wedeman briefly refer to a video provided to him by “the Israeli army”. This video, which was longer than 7 minutes, should have been the basis for an entire report that justified Israel’s actions.

It showed Palestinian kindergartners dressed as Hamas fighters and Israeli soldiers in a school play, during which the cute little masked, gun-toting, Hamas terrorist wannabes acted out attacking Israeli soldiers. Wedeman simply referred to them as “children dressed as Hamas fighters, brandishing toy guns”.

Wedeman elevated Hamas to victim status in this report:

Here is the full video of the kindergarten ‘graduation ceremony’ Wedemen essentially found irrelevant (h/t Augean Stables):

It is indeed amazing how leftists think freedom of the press should be absolute and applicable in all circumstances. Any deviation from that is perceived as repression.

Wedeman got his camera back, wasn’t arrested, and was allowed to continue producing his propaganda so any indignation on the part of CNN is quite manufactured.


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