Egyptian Military giving Propaganda Agents (CNN, New York Times, and Al Jazeera) taste of their own Medicine

CNN, Al-Jazeera, and now the New York Times all seem to be getting outed in Egypt, by both the people and the military, for what they are – Muslim Brotherhood and Barack Obama administration propaganda agents / apparatchiks. These bullies for liberalism and Islamism are running into a bit of a buzzsaw.

Don’t look now but both the Egyptian military and the Egyptian people are putting Americans to shame. Granted, the situation over there is vastly different and calls for more drastic measures but when you break it all down, the military is holding known propaganda agents accountable for their lies. In the U.S. today, that would simply require a populace that knew more about the lies it was being told by mainstream media outlets propaganda arms of the Democratic Party than it does about the Kardashians. The backlash in a free market society in the form of ratings would take care of the job.

Egypt’s situation is quite a bit more precarious at the moment but the military there seems to have a good handle on which propaganda outlets are ‘rub(bing) raw the sores of discontent’ (quote from Barack Obama’s ideological hero, Saul Alinsky) of Mursi’s Brotherhood supporters.

It’s grown increasingly clear that pro-Mursi media outlets are facilitating the efforts of Muslim Brotherhood backers to ‘rub raw the sores of discontent’ (quote from Barack Obama’s ideological hero, Saul Alinsky) and the military in Egypt is having none of it.

Last week, while reporting from Tahrir Square, CNN propagandist Ben Wedeman had his camera confiscated by an Egyptian military official. Wedeman long ago demonstrated that he is more helpful to pro-Muslim Brotherhood forces. The military is likely quite aware of this. Wedeman was not arrested and his camera was returned. It was not about restricting his freedom of press rights; it was about restoring order.

It’s now being reported that Al-Jazeera has been kicked out of an Egypt news conference being held by Egypt’s military, via ABC News:

Journalists for the pan-Arab broadcaster Al-Jazeera have been kicked out of a news conference being held by Egypt’s military on the killing of at least 54 people, most of them supporters of Egypt’s ousted president, outside an army facility.

Qatar-based Al-Jazeera was founded by the Gulf nation’s ruling family. The tiny but wealthy country was a strong supporter of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who was toppled by the military on Wednesday.

We now know that Mursi’s supporters are engaged in Pallywood tactics designed to make these situations much worse, meaning that death toll of 54 would likely climb if these operatives had their way. Al-Jazeera being shut out of a press conference is therefore not necessarily a bad thing, especially when applying the Obama standard as it relates to Fox News. In many ways, Al-Jazeera is being treated more fairly.

The latest reporter Obama apparatchik to have his feelings hurt is Ben Hubbard of the New York Times, who has been propagandizing via twitter:

Egyptian Military makes Propagandist cry

Egyptian Military makes Propagandist cry

We’d like to dedicate Cry Guy to Mr. Hubbard (at the :15 mark):

When outlets like CNN, New York Times, and Al-Jazeera fail to investigate and report honestly – if at all – on what happened in Benghazi, the truth, which should be given voice as well, is shut out.

Time for a hockey metaphor…

In this example, the hockey player represents conservatives, the fan represents the liberal media, the wife represents the people of Egypt and the puck, well, it represents both the liberal media and the Egyptian military:


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