Compromise: Release Mursi… then Extradite him

Today, State Department spokesman Barack Obama Jen Psaki said the Egyptian military needs to release Mohammed Mursi and Muslim Brotherhood prisoners. In the exchange below, Psaki quietly dropped a bombshell relative to the Obama administration’s policy toward Egypt. Suddenly, after claiming that it was not taking sides, the administration is now demanding that the Egyptian military release Mursi, who is under house arrest.

Interestingly, Psaki refers to the arrest as ‘politically motivated’. In so doing, she essentially attempted to diminish the voices of tens of millions of Egyptians who demanded Mursi’s removal. A little bit later in this exchange, AP reporter Matt Lee traps Psaki a bit when he puts forward the notion that if Mursi’s arrest was purely political, then he must not have committed any crime. Psaki waffled on this point and wouldn’t answer the question directly:

We can think of one crime Mursi was most likely involved in and it took place in Benghazi.

Prior to Mursi’s arrest, Obama said he didn’t want the military to arrest him in the first place (but Obama’s not taking sides).

We’d like to offer the Obama administration a compromise. How about if the Egyptian military releases Mursi and then extradites him to the U.S. to face prosecution over his role in the Benghazi attacks? Based on the evidence implicating Mursi in the Benghazi attacks / deaths of four Americans, the only reason Obama should want Mursi released is so that he can be extradited.

Unless…. Mursi has something on Obama that might get to the truth about what really happened in Benghazi.

Here is a transcript of the briefing.

Jen "the Lackey" Psaki

Jen “the Lackey” Psaki


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