USA Today: Mursi under Criminal Investigation

We very well may be witnessing a game of chicken between Egypt’s interim government / Military and the Obama administration. Not long after State Department spokesman Jen “the Lackey” Psaki called for the release of ousted Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Mursi, Egypt seems to be upping the ante a bit. Not only is Mursi not being released by a criminal investigation has been opened.

Via USA Today:

Egypt announced a criminal investigation Saturday against the nation’s first democratically elected leader, in a move that could lead to charges, Reuters reported.

Prosecutors — who have received complaints against ousted leader Mohammed Morsi and eight other Islamist figures, among others — are examining complaints of inciting violence, destroying the economy and spying, Reuters said, citing a statement from the public prosecutor’s office.

The announcement came amid ongoing protests by Morsi’s supporters, who are furious that the military overthrew him.

Inciting violence, destroying the economy, and spying?

Barack Obama in America…

  1. Eric Holder Justice Department has done its level best to incite violence in the Trayvon Martin case.
  2. Runaway unemployment
  3. Spying? James Rosen, Sharyl Attkisson, AP scandal, NSA scandal ring any bells?

We’d like to see the Egyptian military add another charge against Mursi to the list – his role in Benghazi.

That might just be something else Obama and Mursi have in common.


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