Panelist on Hannity brings up the Real Huma Scandal

By Ben Barrack

Brooke Goldstein of the Lawfare Project and the Children’s Rights Institute was one of multiple guests who appeared on Sean Hannity’s ‘Saving America Panel’ on July 26th. As is often the case, the panel covered a wide array of topics and began with the Anthony Weiner scandal. After several minutes, a rightfully agitated Goldstein insisted that the real scandal involves the wife of Weiner – Huma Abedin – and has nothing to do with sexting; it has to do with her connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda financier Abdullah Omar Naseef.

Goldstein: Brought up the Real Huma scandal on Hannity

Goldstein: Brought up the Real Huma scandal on Hannity

Our readers know Goldstein is absolutely right.

During the woefully inadequate 40 seconds this topic got out of the 41 minutes of the show’s air time, we still learned a few other things. First, once Goldstein brought this up, Hannity immediately said, “that’s a good point”. This tells us that Hannity knows about this scandal but has intentionally steered clear of it. Why? Had this been the first time he’d been exposed to it, he surely would have been taken aback and probably would have demurred, pointing to unsubstantiated claims. To Hannity’s credit, he did not do that like Megyn Kelly did with David Horowitz last year. However, the problem is, again, that he knows there is substance to the scandal but avoids it.

Shortly thereafter, you can hear Bo Dietl say, “Wow!” as if this is the first he’s heard of the scandal, which very well could be the case.

At this point, Monica Crowley chimes in. Like Hannity, she too is familiar with the scandal.

Then, as quickly as the real scandal came up, Democratic apparatchik Sally Kohn does what liberals do best when they’re caught, flat busted; she dismisses it. Kohn says, “…a lot of that has been disputed. I don’t think we’re going to get into that here…”

Note what else Kohn did. She didn’t do what Huma defenders usually do. She didn’t call it a ‘conspiracy theory’. She just said it has been disputed. The Huma Abedin scandal is low-hanging fruit for the right but like so many other things, they avoid it.

Huma’s defenders are on the ropes and the heavyweights just refuse to throw the knockout punch.

Goldstein should be commended. She threw one heck of a wallop.


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