2013 report on Rescue Christians

by Keith Davies
Executive Director

First of all, we would like to thank all our readers and supporters who have contributed to Rescue Christians in 2013. In the final quarter of 2013 our fund-raising just took off and we raised $173,000 with over $85,000 being raised just in the month of December alone. Whether you could afford just a few dollars or gave us larger amounts, we truly appreciate your sacrifice and participation in this cause, which is a “Race against death”. We have been truly touched by the sacrifices of the many people who can least afford to help. I have had countless stories of people telling us that instead of exchanging Christmas gifts this year, they gave us the money that was earmarked for their family presents. There are also countless stories of people who have no job but insisted on giving us money to help their brethren. In a few cases, I had to hold back my tears upon feeling the gravity of the sacrifices many of you have made for your brethren.

Help us Rescue Christians.

Help us Rescue Christians.

While this progress is monumental and exciting, the challenges to save persecuted and endangered families is immense. To save one person with regard to relocation will cost about $5000. That is if we move them to a country that has a similar socio-economic situation to Pakistan or other developing countries. To move people to the West, you are talking five to ten times this figure even if we can get the Visas, which is a nightmare in itself.

Please start 2014 by helping us help the persecuted. You can donate by clicking here.

Before World War 2, there were 9 million Jews at risk in Europe and we know about two thirds were murdered. Today, there are 100 million Christians at risk in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Based on our knowledge, along with research of Biblical prophecies which we share with you daily, we believe the percentage of people about to be murdered will be similar. Do the math; it is frightening what our brethren will have to endure.

Our goal is to save one million people, which is only 1% of the problem. In order to do this, it will cost about $5 Billion US dollars. Some might say this is impossible and maybe it is, but this is our goal. With G-d’s help and a plan of action which we have, miracles can be accomplished. In the West and in Christian majority countries, there are about 2.5 billion Christians and 15 million Jews. Our goal is to try and get about one tenth of one percent of those people to support our work. That is two million people worldwide through the Internet giving us an average of $100 each per month (which is the average donation we receive now). That is $2.4 Billion a year, which obviously is not going to happen this year but maybe in three of four years it will, when the problem will be even greater. By then, we will hopefully be equipped to help significantly as our brand and recognition for our work will be much more well known.

We hope to achieve these goals by using the Internet and media not only in the USA but in Europe, Canada, South America and Australia. We need your help not just to donate but to help spread the word of our work. We need capable people in different countries to help us with both the media and Internet. If you have the time and the desire please contact me at [email protected]

Our leader in Pakistan has sent us a video (posted below) of some of the testimonies of the persecuted we have helped. Please review so you can see just some of the families you have helped through your care and generosity. We will also be posting a thirty minute version in a few days, that will include more detailed interviews with these families.

Two weeks ago, we established a relationship with Sister Hatune Dogan and will be working closely with her over next coming months and years. She is highly regarded for her work and has even received recognition from the German government for her work among the persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria and other work in many developing countries.

Let me wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year, filled with joy and care for your fellow brethren.